16.01.2012  •  Agencies NEWS


Klein Photographen : drummer and composer Evelyn Glennie, Nick Dougherty testimonial for TOMMY HILFIGER GOLF, spring awakening in ANNABELLE

Philipp RATHMER portrayed Scottish drummer and composer Evelyn Glennie.

Due to a nerve infection, the musician's hearing had been deteriorating at an increasing rate in her youth. Ever since, she mainly experiences music and tones through vibration. Her concert tours brought her to Japan, Europe and frequently to the USA. She performs with the world's biggest orchestras and the most important ensembles in the world of contemporary music, let alone her numerous solo concerts, including gigs at the very popular proms in London.

Hans VAN BRAKEL photographed Nick Dougherty for TOMMY HILFIGER GOLF. The professional golfer is the new face of the campaign.

Leo KRUMBACHER shot the cover of and a fashion series in the upcoming Spring issue of ANNABELLE.