18.08.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


kombinatrotweiss : editorials for ZINK and WEDDING ALBUM MAG, FALIERO SARTI collection, look book and campaign for Australian label IT, portraits for PUBLICIS Munich, ...

Petra van RAAIJ photographed a lingerie series for WEDDING ALBUM MAGAZINE. Mari Groenewald took care of model Tuanne’s styling and Linda O’CONELL was in charge of the hair style & make-up, both c/o INFIDELS. Jean-Pierre Fourier acted as assistant on set.

Angelika BUETTNER realised the ‘Start me up’ editorial, published in ZINK MAGAZINE. Models Angelika and Eric were styled by Alejandro Perazon and Bernhard took care of the hair, meanwhile Iris Moreau applied the make-up. Art director Jorge Tort was on location in Paris.

Angelika teamed up with stylist Sabine Berlipp and produced a series for SOUS. Stephanie WENCEK provided the finishing touch in the post-production.

Peter HUNDERT photographed staff at the PUBLICIS agency in Munich. Their portraits were all about a particular hobby or characteristic. The result is a series of motifs titled ‘Thoughtfulness, instrumentalist or vanguard’. Gaby Schütze took care of the hair & make-up.

Astrid SALOMON photographed Olivia Frost for Australian label IT’s look book and campaign. The designer was inspired by her hippie parents and created a jewellery collection that is hand crafted in Bali. Rachel Montgomery perfected of the hair & make-up.

Stefan MILEV photographed the new collection by Italian luxury scarves label FALIERO SARTI. Edween Malaval and Baptite Demay posed for his camera in Paris. Amine Amharech took care of the styling. The family company has been manufacturing its products according to old traditions by hand on looms since 1949.

Time goes by at an alarming rate, when you are having fun that is. Maak ROBERTS shows us what happens when ‘he’ has to kill time while ‘she’ has succumbed to the lure of shopping in his ‘Waiting Men’ project. Make-up artist Sunanda Mesquita made up models Alex, Nicholas and Lawrence Sheldon while Flavia Figa Talamanca took care of their styling. Basilio Puglia was the man behind the post-production and Mark Jackson headed the CGI.

We have also attached freelance works by Jürgen HERSCHELMANN and Andre REINKE who entertained model Fraser B in front of his camera (styling : Sevim Pollet).