10.10.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


kombinatrotweiss : in Normandy for QVEST, Dubai food report in BEEF MAG, campaign for BMAS and HORNBACH, retreats in 125 MAGAZINE, New York City people and new entry HIMMEL & BURWICK

Stefan MILEV and team shot a modern fashion editorial for the latest issue of QVEST. Anne Kotte, Marc Lethenet from Leica and the RECOM Team were also on the beach in charming Normandy. Click here for the making-of.

Markus ALTMANN travelled to Dubai for BEEF MAGAZINE, to take a look behind the scenes of restaurants and food markets in Dubai. We have attached images of the mouth-watering journey to the culinary hotspots.

Frank BAUER photographed the very personal 'In My Place' series for 125 MAGAZINE. It presents people (models: Eleni, Olivia, Ludwig, Maja, Emma, Jonathan, Sanja, Andy, Vinzenz) in their places of retreat, where they feel safe. The editorial was realised with the support of Art Director Rob Crane.

HIMMEL & BURWICK are a new entry. Jan BURWICK is a still lifer and Christoph HIMMEL is an expert in styling. They have worked as a team for a year and have their own studio in Hamburg.

We have attached two new campaigns by advertising and people photographer Maak ROBERTS; BMAS (German ministry of employment) and HORNBACH.

Michael HEINSEN returned from the States with a great series of portraits. Stunning women, toned men and interesting faces all straight from the heart of the Big Appple.

Illustrator Steven Bonner, who specialises in final, 3-D, typography and logo, is an additional new entry at KOMBINATROTWEISS (as reported by GoSee).