09.03.2010  •  Agencies NEWS


LundLund : kids for MILK mag, SISTERS fashion, JULIAN CASABLANCAS and installation artist Carsten Höller poses for WALLPAPER

MILK magazine has devoted itself to the daydreams of our earth’s inhabitants. Sandra FREIJ played with both over and multiple lighting and created a suitable atmosphere for the dressed-up kids.

Marcus OHLSSON photographed the new looks of the SISTERS fashion label in the midst of an urban setting. Stylist LISA Lindqwister was also on set.

Andreas JOHANSSON found himself on a Garden of Eden style set, where he photographed Swedish/ Italian menswear label HANSEN & JACOB’s new collection.

Strokes frontman JULIAN CASABLANCAS selected an image by Philip KARLBERG for the deluxe edition of his ‘Phrazes for the Young’ solo album. We have attached the ‘diamond’ motif.

Elisabeth TOLL photographed object and installation artist Carsten Höller for WALLPAPER magazine. The Belgian-born creative lives and works in Cologne and Stockholm, his works can be admired all over the world – in collections including the Tate Gallery of Modern Art.