27.01.2009  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTO AGENT •  PAM - Mirjam Böhm : EDITORIAL plus free series, SIEMENS, cars for H.O.M.E. magazine, PANAMERA for PORSCHE, MENS HEALTH, Frauke Ludowig for OIL OF OLAZ

Jan RICKERS photographed the attached fashion motifs for various editorials, as well as three additional spreads.

Christian LOHFINK was assigned by SIEMENS to shoot the CT motif (GoSee reported). It is made up of countless fruits and plants. GoSee Member IMAGEREFINERY Hamburg was in charge of the post production. The production process of the final image can be viewed at www.imagerefinery.de.

Christian photographed unusual perspectives on the subject of German cars for H.O.M.E. magazine. He was supplied with a BMW-MINI, 5er BMW and AUDI A5 by the manufacturers themselves. He also photographed the cosmetics motifs for MEN’S HEALTH.

A MERCEDES 300 SL was the subject of Christian’s free project. The image retouching was carried out by ALPHADOG. The LAMBORGHINI motif was created through the CGI exchange, in addition to this he also shot a splash at his studio, as another free piece of work. Once again, the post production/CGI was in the hands of Alphadog. The update to Christian Lohfink’s website is also worth taking a look at : www.lohfink.de

Erik CHMIL photographed the brand new PANAMERA for PORSCHE. The sports car with four doors rode the streets of California, Oregon, Washington and Leipzig. The production of over 50 motifs saw no expense or effort spared and stretched across 10 weeks spent on location. We have an advance of the motifs, which were shot in Leipzig (post production by Chmil), as well as several studio variations which were created in collaboration with Tonic Imaging/Düsseldorf. We are looking forward to viewing the campaign motifs which were realized in the USA – we will present them here at GoSee just as soon as they are released. The motifs will be used in an international PORSCHE campaign launch and promotional texts.

A few days before Christmas, Erik photographed a re-launch for BWM, Italy. The images of the X3 haven’t been released yet and will be shown here at a later date.

Oliver KLOCKE was booked by the Saatchi & Saatchi agency to shoot a campaign for OIL OF OLAZ. The campaign’s model is renowned German TV presenter Frauke Ludowig.