11.08.2009  •  Agencies NEWS


Rockenfeller & Göbels : BENVADO and the incredible lightness of movement, key visuals for DOCMORRIS, the new ZDF news room's additional leg space

Comfort in Action! Andreas ANDÉ captured the incredible lightness of movement for the Italian BENVADO brand. The dynamic people motifs and 20 elegant still lifes were realised within three days. The international casting was headed by Tobias Bosch. The creation and consultancy was run by Agnes Diehr. GoSee presents the airy results.

Photographer Berthold LITJES both accompanied Europe’s largest mail order pharmacy; DOCMORRIS’ commercial filming and captured their key visuals in Hamburg. We have attached the lifestyle motifs.

He also documented the premiere airing of Europe’s most modern TV studio. The 30 million Euro studio building is owned by none other than the ZDF, Germany channel.

The new technology enables the presenters to move around freely in the studio, in keeping with the changed perception of younger viewers. The previous two dimensional set has been replaced by an exciting design, transporting viewers to a 3D world.

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