06.10.2010  •  Agencies NEWS


Rockenfeller & Göbels : UNITED NATIONS, HONDA, LEXUS, KIA, BRAUN Porsche, RAMP magazine and free architecture images

For DKMS LIFE's new campaign, star photographer GABO took pictures of women suffering from cancer, who are still in therapy and look towards the future with hope and vigour. Some of the results of these very special photo shoots are featured in an ad campaign, supported by Gruner + Jahr.

Last year, GABO first started her photographic work for the charity. She sees herself as a people photographer, interested in the people more than what they represent. She always attempts to capture sensuality, warmth, personality and authenticity in her pictures. www.dkms-life.de.

Thomas RUSCH directed and photographed the UNITED NATIONS millennium campaign. With the call to arms of ‘WITH YOU WE ARE MANY’, celebrities such as Benno Fürmann and David Garret promote the millennium goals of fighting poverty and hunger.

GoSee Film presents both of the accompanying films. You can also contribute to the project with a picture of your own. For more information, go to www.MIT-DIR-SIND-WIR-VIELE.de.

Uwe BREITKOPF produced the new HONDA CRZ Hybrid campaign at Downey Studios, Los Angeles. Furthermore, he shot the title for all LEXUS models in the USA and for KIA on location in Los Angeles. Uwe set the scene for BRAUN with a perfect Porsche GT3.

Once more, Markus MEUTHEN populated the current issue of RAMP with his racing photographs from the ¼ mile. The car photography, which emerged from his own passion for Muscle Cars never ceases to be driven by his initial approach: the power of motors.

The additional photographs from his series capture the deep connection to what really defines piloting a car in its purest and most pristine form.

Ralph RICHTER shot the ‘Ankunft im Bahnhof Liège-Guillemins’ series. He photographed the Liège-Guillemins high-speed train station in Liege, Belgium. The object: 312 Million Euros, 10,000 tons of steel, a 200 metre long bow, a steadily up- and down-rising redoubt, going up to 40 metres at its highest point. Pure inspiration for Ralph's impressive architecture photography.