10.11.2010  •  Agencies NEWS


Rockenfeller & Göbels : FUJI 3-D ad motifs, to the end of the world for VODAFONE, Hannelore Kraft in SZ MAGAZINE

Frank SCHEMANN shot ad motifs and the making-of during the FUJI-3D commercial spot production. The result is an authentic picture series.

Frank SCHEMANN photographed Hannelore Kraft for the ‘Don't say a word’ section of SZ MAGAINE. Whether or not the politician will be successful as a MP is subject to future observations. At least, in the all-time best list of all ‘Don't say a word’ episodes she managed to grab a spot way ahead of Jürgen Trittin, but slightly below Ursula von der Leyen. The article can be found here.

Stuart HAMLTON ventured forth into the forlorn expanse a remote landscape, north of Lisbon for a campaign motif for VODAFONE. FYI, the location is the only skiing region in Portugal. The statement: Vodafone is everywhere – even at the end of the world. Artists Group supervised the production and Andrew Simpson took care of the retouching.