07.03.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


Team House Agency : extreme sports for ADAC mag, BRIGITTE WOMAN, ELTERN, LUISA CERANO, trainer Wolfgang Sidka in PLAYBOY, MISTRAL FRAGRANCES, ERNEST JONES ...

Rasmus KAESSMANN, showing his extreme athletic side as ever, shot a surfer series on Lake Garda. The sporty results were featured in ADAC magazine.

This was followed by a calmer portrait shoot for the INTERSOLAR solar panels campaign and a fashion production for KARSTADT (photos will follow upon release).

Michela MOROSINI was on the road again for ELTERN magazine and shot a ‘loved by children, hated by parents’ concept accompanied by a plethora of toys. She also shot multi-cultural families.

She photographed a spread with German actress Kathrin Ackermann (mother of actress Maria Furtwängler) for BRIGITTE WOMAN..

Michela shot a jolly series of executive portraits for PHILIP MORRIS, see selection attached.

Robert BREMBECK shot a vast b/w image campaign for UNIQUE personal service. Robert travelled to Iraq for a PLAYBOY shoot with Wolfgang Sidka, a former German football league pro, who is now the Iraqi national team football trainer. He is a symbol of hope for the war savaged country.

Robert photographed a series with Olympics champions Wasmeier, Hackl, Riesch, Uhrmann and Neuner for a LUFTHANSA magazine feature on Munich’s application for the 2018 Olympics. He also shot a poster campaign for AOK, which is due to launch shortly.

Frank WIDEMANN shot new images for his client LUISA CERANO; he also captured accessories for AIGNER RETAIL and a free series titled ‘UpInSmoke’.

Andi FRANK realised a shoot on the Portuguese coast for MISTRAL FRAGRANCES and the Streetware style book for Scheck.

Donja PITSCH ERNEST JONES shot a commercial campaign for ERNEST JONES. This was followed by a MARIE CLAIRE beauty portrait shoot with men aged between 20 and 55 years and their thoughts on how do men age and what are their fears?

She completed a shoot in Paris for Spanish GLAMOUR and travelled to Munich for a MODE ZINSER lifestyle series (pictures to follow).

Harald SINGER’s multi-award-winning film Cosmic Dance (Immersive Cinema) has just been successfully screened at the Planetarium Berlin during the Berlinale 2011.