10.11.2010  •  Agencies NEWS


Team House : look books for LUISA CERANO and HAUBER, MADAME FIGARO, AUDI promotion, on the ball for VATTENFALL, METAXA campaign, SZ MAGAZINE, ...

Team House is delighted to announce the addition of Frank WIDEMANN to the agency. The young fashion photographer from Munich is currently working on the new look books for LUISA CERANO and HAUBER. We are pleased to present his two personal works, the menswear series ‘Boyz-inside/out’ and ‘Don't look back’, featuring model Gara Noel.

MADAME FIGARO presents a sexy b/w series by Donja PITSCH, inspired by the Crazy Horse Cabaret. She photographed a MARIE CLAIRE cover and produced an AUDI promotion in London for VOGUE. Upcoming stars of the music, fashion and photography scene posed for her camera.

'Little ramblers' let off steam at the beach of Cape Town in front of her camera for DEBBENHAMS department store. Donja also produced the current METAXA campaign.

Rasmus KAESSMAN realised a shoot for VATTENFALL. Once again, the ball was in action and had to find its way into the basket. He was en route for the ADAC travel magazine. We will be showing the thrilling results of this journey after their publication.

A collaborative project by Rasmus Kaessmann and Michela MOROSINI is also in the works; the duo is working on the second part of the 'Rütli-Wear' campaign.

Robert BREMBECK realised commissions including the MCDONALD's business report and photographed a b&w series on the subject matter of 'Nanny Industry' for SZ MAGAZINE. He also photographed rugged actors from Munich dressed in suitable Bavarian attire. Robert photographed people motifs in Berlin for electricity supplier ENVIA, as well as CEO Thomas Ebeling for Pro 7 Sat1 Media AG.

Michela MOROSINI asked some little ‘uns to define terms such as sibling love to her for ELTERN magazine.

She also realised another production alongside Christian Duechtel. The music producer and DJ from Düsseldorf, who gained fame in the music scene is currently working on a long-term book project, which Michela is complimenting with her empathic portraits.

Michela worked on a portrait of singer Ragabund for the cover of his new solo LP 'Paco Mendoza'.