22.03.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


PHOTOGRAPHER •  Thomas von Salomon : AUDI navigation campaign, MINI Pacman & MINI Hampton

Munich-based agency H&P realised key visuals for the new AUDI Navigations campaign with Thomas von Salomon. They also used some of the photographer’s stock material taken from his vast archive of work. Foag/Munich was in charge of the post-production. Thomas Hardtmann headed the art direction.

Thomas photographed the Mini Pacman, the latest concept car by MINI, on location. Sebastian Mann and Christoph Kuhn c/o von Salomon studio headed the post-production.

All of the new VKL folder images for MINI’s recently launched Mini Hampton model were shot in the same way. This time round Margit Drescher and Hannes Zisler shared the role of art director.

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