04.10.2011  •  Agencies NEWS


Thomas von Salomon : photographs BMW's fully electrical 'Mega City Vehicle' I 3 and hybrid sports car I8 in Chicago

Thomas spent the last weeks in the summer heat of Chicago shooting the BMW I3 and I8 models, which have just been unveiled at the IAA.

The fully electric 'Mega City Vehicle' I3 and the hybrid sports car I8 were photographed both downtown and in the suburbs. Thomas and his post-producers took care of the post-production in-house.

In 2013, the first fully electric model is scheduled to hit the market with the BMW i3. The i3 is a city car, formerly known as the 'Megacity Vehicle'. The sportive i8 is to follow as a plug-in-Hybrid, situated in the price range above the 6-range.