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Photographers • Still life, food & architecture photographer from New York & Stockholm, Charlie Bennet c/o Agent Molly & Co

21.11.2017 • Charlie BENNET is now represented by Agent Molly & Co. The still life expert, food and interior/architecture photographer used to work for Ogilvy & Mather before he found his calling in photography and went freelance. He lives with his family in New York. In his studio in Midtown, he designs and realizes contract work and editorials.

“I am a former brand director with Ogilvy & Mather who turned life around and became a photographer. Photography is what I do, and I do it out of love and passion, which shines through in my work. I take on every assignment with the great enthusiasm that can only come from someone dedicated by heart. I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing clients and great people. I seek challenges to constantly become better at what I do, and I carry out my clients challenges with respect and humbleness. To me, nothing is impossible. So bring on any assignment that seems difficult, and we’ll make sure it turns out amazing together.”

He was in the midst of a successful career as a brand director at one of Sweden’s major advertising agencies when he decided to...

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Photographers • SVEN JACOBSEN photographs the global MC DONALD'S/MC DELIVERY & UBER EATS campaign for Leo Burnett London and TELEKOM 'YOUNG' campaign for DDB Hamburg

21.11.2017 • Sven JACOSBEN photographed two people campaigns. The MC DONLAD'S/MC DELIVERY campaign is a cooperation with UBER EATS, the platform for food deliveries and was created by Leo Burnett London (AB: Jo Hodge, AD: Cass Jamcothchian, CW: Hayley Power, Styling: Natasha Freeman, Hair & Make-up: Johanni Nel, Food Stylist: Kathy Man). It was produced by GoSee member DARLING CREATIVE LONDON.

For DDB Hamburg, Sven JACOBSEN photographed the TELEKOM 'YOUNG' campaign for the German market. The focus was on the Young rates for young people under 27 (AD: David Baertz, CD: Karsten Ruddigkeit, AB: Arianna Griese, Meike Van Meegen, DOP: Jonas Feldmann, Hair & Make-up: Johanni : Nino Allegro, Stylist: Lena Hoffmann, Set Design: Thomas Molt, Aisha Werner, Prod: Uli Ulbrich from Tempomedia).

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Photographers • Artistic still lifes, humorous food portraits & productions - Philip KARLBERG c/o Agent Molly & Co presents his new portfolio on GoSee

21.11.2017 • We couldn't tell you if Philip KARLBERG c/o Agent Molly & Co was allowed to play with his food as a child, but we can ensure you that he playfully and creatively goes wild to his hearts desire with it today, which he once again proves with the new works in his multifaceted portfolio. And we love it! And that's not only us, also clients such as Marc O´Polo, IKEA, Vogue Accessory, Bang & Olufsen, Swarovski, Georg Jensen, Superfront, Vogue Gioello, Kasthall, and Volvo love the playful worlds of Philip KARLBERG.

"He is a commercial still life and interior photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been working professionally for nearly two decades, and his work is characterized by graphic and elegant compositions, a mastery of light and an exquisite eye for detail. Philip Karlberg’s love for photography has taken him all over the world," says AGENT MOLLY & CO.

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new entry • NEW at GoSee : MATHILDE KARRÈR, stills & interior photographer, Berlin; MONTBLANC Holiday Season 2017, BUFFALO ZINE spread and interior motifs for MORITZ

15.11.2017 • NEW at GoSee is still life specialist MATHILDE KARRÈR who presently resides in Berlin. After studying fine arts and photography came a first career in the area of commercial production, soon followed by her entry into the art department. As the creative drive grew, it was only a question of time before she changed sides in order to conquer the world as a photographer herself. Since 2012, Mathilde has worked as a still life photographer with heart and soul.

The 2017 holiday season at MONTBLANC is all about the die enchanting-magical world of P. T. Barnum. Phineas Taylor Barnum (born 5 July, 1810 in Bethel, Connecticut; died 7 April, 1891 in Bridgeport, Connecticut) was an American circus pioneer, politician and almost a legend in his own right. He with his, of course, false mermaid is considered – justifiably or not – one of the biggest and at least most famous show talents of 18th century America. Created together with stylist and prop designer Hendrikje Bernhoeft were 64 motifs, from which we present you a first selection on GoSee.

The spread 'Dolce Ikebana' for the...

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INDUSTRY & REPORTAGE • WOLFRAM SCHROLL : TECHNOLOGY – shot with Love and TRI-X black & white portfolio on Baryta paper, architectural photography for Neues Museum Berlin and Wälderhaus Hamburg

15.11.2017 • The photographic life of WOLFRAM SCHROLL began with Baryta paper, fixer, dry pressing, green light, the Durst Laborator photo enlarger and the Tri-X from Kodak. "A light-sensitive film with 400 ASA and a distinctly grainy structure. It liberated me from the tripod and enabled a new kind of photography. Little or preferably no artificial lighting, hand-held shots, always close to the subject. I often do this even today, decades later. But unfortunately, my black and white work fell by the wayside." Wolfram tells GoSee.

This theme was eventually picked up again by a graphic designer. She produced black and white prints of a series of images I had done of a small high-tech foundry, and I was stunned. Following a whim, I searched through my portfolio and developed a number of recent pieces, picture by picture, in a Tri-X plug-in. The result is a brochure with 12 double pages and a bit of text.

"My photography takes me to all areas of the industry: steel, mechanical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, aerospace, research and medical technology..." This summer,...

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Photographers • 'Urban, Premium, Cool' – Marc Trautmann photographs the Porsche Targa CGI in London/Mayfair

15.11.2017 • With his latest work, MARC TRAUTMANN would like to shed a different light on thePorsche Targa in an urban environment. The vehicle is never shown in its entirety but instead always in parts with which it becomes integral to the cityscape. Playing with the idea "Urban, Premium, Cool", the Porsche is shown in a befitting environment and interpreted with a natural look. Serving as the location was Mayfair, one of the most exclusive districts of the British capital.

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Photographers • Mirjam Kluka photographs the 2017 lookbook for OY Surf Apparel in Lanzarote, the QWSTION Bag Season Special in Hamburg, and the 2017 lookbook for Savoar Fer Chapter 2 'Cross Stitch'

14.11.2017 • Mirjam KLUKA photographed the new collection of womenswear label SAVOAR FER from Swiss designer Eliane Heutschi. The young designer presented her first collection including pillow lace at the Paris Fashion Week. For her fashion, she would like to revive the craft. The designer and Paris resident had the idea while she was working for a non-profit organization in Peru which supports weavers in the Andes who manufacture products with Peruvian handicraft. For the second collection, the focus was on the cross stitch technique. Hair & make-up were in the hands of Monika Spisak c/o NINA KLEIN, and the model was Luisa Gehrmann.

The label QWSTION was created in 2008 as the result of the search by young Swiss designers for a bag. They were looking for something a bit more elegant than a sport backpack while, at the same time, more functional than a classic leather case. Since it was impossible to find such a model, they decided to found QWSTION and start creating bags of their own. A product for everyday use, with an individual design and style – that is the vision of the label....

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