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Photographers • Two Days in the Desert – Director and Photographer PATRICK CURTET presents you two transportation short films and a behind-the-scenes video on GoSee

21.02.2020 • Stop talking and act... Push the limit, follow your dreams. All of us have spent long evenings discussing dream projects, but sometimes you have to kick yourself in the butt and get into action mode. That’s precisely what PATRICK CURTET did recently in California.

He got a lot of talented friends boiling to jump on fun and exciting projects. What is the essence of fun? What raw ingredients do you you need to get the excitement bubbling...? A bike, a car and an endless landscape – with people nowhere to be seen. ‘The Chase’ and ‘Release’: the two short films presented here are personal projects directed by Patrick Curtet.

‘Release’ features Niki Smart, chief designer at GM for 20 years and a British car designer, known for leading the Ariel Atom project and for his Cadillac concept car design as design manager for the General Motors Advanced Design team in Los Angeles, California. He has also developed his own bike over the last decade: Niki Smart recently unveiled an award-winning motorcycle design, the ABC 500. On its debut at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in 2019, it took first...

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Photographers • PAWEL FABJANSKI photographs the Adidas ‘Reimagine Sport’ campaign with Poland’s brand ambassador & role model Ewa Chodakowska for the agency Labcon

18.02.2020 • PAWEL FABJANSKI was commissioned by Warsaw-based agency Labcon to photograph the ‘Reimagine Sport’ campaign for ADIDAS, which he presents us here on GoSee.

“Adidas kicks off 2020 by inviting the world to reimagine sport, challenging old stereotypes and celebrating movement of all kinds. Inspired by the belief that sport has evolved, the brand’s new Spring/Summer 20 collection asks its community of women to define what sport means to them.

The versatile collection features both performance and streetwear, with each piece created to inspire the athlete in all women, however they choose to play. It introduces style-focused activewear alongside iconic lifestyle looks; from high-performance tights to statement tracksuits.​

The main face of this Adidas campaign is brand ambassador, Ewa Chodakowska, the most famous Polish fitness trainer and inspirational personality, who is a role model for many Polish women. Ewa presents her interpretation of the concept of sport together with Zuzanna Borucka – creator of video content, Dominika Nahajowska – promoter of ballet for adults, and Anna...

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Photographers • ‘Good – without compromise...’ – JANA EDISONGA photographs the VW ECONOMY SERVICE campaign

18.02.2020 • ‘Uncompromisingly good, uncompromisingly affordable – for all VOLKSWAGEN cars older than four years’ is the title of the VW ECONOMY SERVICE campaign, which was photographed on two days of shooting by JANA EDISONGA.

The CI color red plays, next to the protagonists with a cool & modern look, the second lead role. Background: The brief was to give the topic of Service a new character and the attention it deserves with the new VW Vibrant Power brand design, strong personalities and cool fashion styles. Executive agency was DDB - VOLTAGE Berlin, styling: Alexandra Heckel.

Volkswagen is further expanding its new Economy Service platform in Germany on a broad scale: In the process, the partner network of today with around 300 subsidiaries will be expanded to 400. Volkswagen Economy Service is custom-made for customers with vehicles more than four years old and offers affordable solutions to frequently required services such as repairing stone damage or flat tires. A comprehensive marketing campaign accompanying the expansion has now been launched.

“The Economy Service offers Volkswagen...

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Photographers • ANDREAS ORTNER photographs the OUI S/S 2020 campaign with supermodel Karmen Pedaru in Portugal and an ELLE GERMANY fashion special with Alexina Graham

18.02.2020 • ANDREAS ORTNER photographed the OUI Spring/Summer 2020 campaign with top model Karmen Pedaru in the great outdoors of Portugal. Daoud Daftarie took care of styling and clad Karmen in cashmere outfits with modern silhouettes and glamorous details. The natural look is underscored with hair & make-up by Sabine Heberle. Production was in the hands of Showteam.

In Mexico, ANDREAS ORTNER photographed the nature- and art-inspired ELLE GERMANY editorial ‘Free Spirit’ with the gorgeous Alexina Graham c/o MUNICH MODELS. Styling of the redheaded Victoria’s Secret Model and L'Oréal Paris brand ambassador was taken care of by Fashion Directrice Pia Leonie Knoll from ELLE. Hair & make-up were done by Gianluca Mandelli. The spread appeared in the March issue.

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Photographers • NEW at GoSee : ANATOL GOTTFRIED, lifestyle, people & transportation photographer, Barcelona, Berlin; a first PORTFOLIO for you on GoSee

17.02.2020 • GoSee welcomes new member ANATOL GOTTFRIED, lifestyle, people and transportation photographer based in Berlin and Barcelona. He discovered his love for the cosmopolitain capital of Catalonia during a semester as an exchange student while studying Photography at the University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund. For more than eight years now, Anatol has had a second base in Barcelona and is more than ever keen on getting to know new cultures and places. He speaks five languages fluently – which does help.

Whether he’s photographing transportation, lifestyle or people – there’s always a human component. Anatol tells GoSee: “I love to photograph in the sun, in the water, at a festival, on the road... or, I guess just: outside!” In his photos, you’ll discover the world in all its colors... Anatol loves contrasts, moments, fragments and all of the above combined with light and composition.

His clients already include Audi, Bauerfeind, Edeka, Getaround, Seat, Telekom, Volvo... to name a few. The year 2020 has kicked off quite well for him: He had the honor of being among the first to...

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