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Photographers • Golden toilettes, hot ovens, ... VISUALEYES ARTISTS is delighted to welcome the new entry Balarama HELLER, photographer from Zurich and New York

23.02.2018 • Visualeyes from Zurich is delighted to welcome the new entry BALARAMA HELLER. "Balarama has created a style of photography that unites the spontaneous with the thoughtfully composed, resulting in striking visual narratives that are both intimate and universal." they let us know. Among his clients are Armani, Alexander Wang, Adidas, Stella McCartney, Kenzo, Hublot, Nike, Levis, and many more. Balarama commutes between New York and Zurich. Here is a first glimpse of you on GoSee.

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Photographers • NEW: KLAS FOERSTER, Beauty + Stills, Berlin; he presents you elegant watches, timeless stills and beauty motifs from his portfolio on GoSee

22.02.2018 • We are delighted to welcome KLAS FOERSTER, beauty + stills photographer on GoSee. For the last 10 years, the photographer with base and studio in Berlin has been working for various companies from the fashion and luxury industries as Global Photographer Director among other positions. He supported the development of brands, significantly designing concepts for advertising photography and then realizing them. Particularly with the increasingly palpable focus of the industry on online marketing in advertising, Klas has enormous success with his emotional and minimalist style, which stages the products in a target-oriented manner and in line with market demands.

From now on, Klas is returning to his passion 100 percent – photography – and presents his fresh portfolio here on GoSee and on his website: KLAS FOERSTER specializes in objects and people – with a keen eye for observation, the all-rounder realizes luxury products as timeless stills and depicts people in classic portraits or emotional beauty shots. His trademark are his aesthetics, which are iconic,...

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Photographers • Thomas von Aagh photographs the Spring/Summer 2018 cover story for COCOON MAGAZINE at STAG STUDIO in Munich

22.02.2018 • COCOON MAGAZINE gives itself a relaunch with its new issue, for which the cover story was photographed by Thomas von AAGH. In front of his camera was Laura @ Munich Models, and styling was taken care of by Brigitte M. Wilhelm with hair & make-up by Steffen Zoll @ factory downtown NY. The photo shoot took place at STAG STUDIO in Munich, and post production came from BLINK IMAGING.

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Photographers • CHRISTOF SCHMIDT : Homage to the BMW 328, JAGUAR F-TYPE R for Swiss Lifestyle magazine BIANCO, 'Shadow' project and 'Snowscapes' in photographic precision

22.02.2018 • "I had the honor of photographing one of the most beautiful sports cars ever – a Jaguar F-Type R with 550hp – for Swiss lifestyle magazine BIANCO. We took it for a ride on a pass which was blocked in a winter slumber during the cold season. For the photo shoot, we were allowed to drive on a section of the pass. No people, no oncoming traffic – just an F-Type," the photographer tells GoSee. For further projects, please visit Christian's website.

Browsing through hard drives to discover photos, which are used years later for personal projects. These shots of the BMW 328 by CHRISTOF SCHMIDT are timeless – an homage to the good old times. Photographed at one of the most wonderful and significant motor shows, the Concorso d 'Eleganza, in 2011 when the vehicle was introduced there.

"I love the very simple, personal projects like this one here. Photographing shadows and letting the images sink in. Editing the photos afterwards often ends in experimenting to find the right look," CHRISTOF SCHMIDT says about his project 'Shadow'.

SNOWSCAPES is a personal project with existing...

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Photographers • Tom Seelbach presents abstract compositions with the Eqvis Watch Limited Edition

22.02.2018 • As photographer for all areas of still life photography, Tom Seelbach produces and stages motifs for jewelry photography, high-precision technology images and emotional product photography. For his new work, he artistically staged the Eqvis Watch Limited Edition. Find more watch compositions on the website of the photographer.

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Photographers • Andreas Ortner : RICH AND ROYAL S/S 2018 campaign featuring Cosima Auermann, Michaela Kocianova in HARPER’S BAZAAR Czech Republic, BULGARI Special in PROCNE mag & Daniela Pestova in DOLCE VITA mag

21.02.2018 • The RICH & ROYAL Spring & Summer 2018 campaign was photographed by fashion photographer ANDREAS ORTNER in Belvoir Castle UK with German model Cosima AUERMANN c/o VIVA MODELS Berlin. ANDREAS ORTNER was also in charge of art direction for the campaign film. (DOP was Jörg ROZIER c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS) which we are delighted to present you here on GoSee. Belvoir Castle is located in the county Leicestershire in the middle of England and is known mainly as a backdrop for films. In the 1980's film 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' with Ricky Schroder and Alec Guinness, the building represented the Dorincourt Castle, in the movie 'The Da Vinci Code – Sacrilege', it was the summer residence of Pope Castel Gandolfo. And now, it's officially RICH & ROYAL.

For the big fashion issue of HARPER'S BAZAAR Czech Republic March 2018, ANDREAS ORTNER shot Slovakian top model Michaela Kocianova for the XXL cover spread in Prague. Hairstyling: Lil Marty, make-up: Hristina Georgievska and styling: Jana Kapanova.

ANDREAS ORTNER photographed Czech supermodel Daniela Pestova...

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Photographers • 'Master of the Dark Arts' Robert Wunsch photographs actress Daniel Radcliffe for the cover story of ESQUIRE MIDDLE EAST

21.02.2018 • Robert Wunsch met up with successful actor Daniel Radcliff (Swiss Army Man, Imperium) in a London Studio for the cover story of ESQUIRE MIDDLE EAST. In charge of the look was Fashion Editor Daniel Higgins.

The actor is now appearing as backpacker Yossi Ghinsberg in the feature film 'Jungle' by Director Greg McLean. What starts off as a dream trip to the Amazon, suddenly turns into a nightmare for the group. Daniel Radcliffe sharpens with this powerful action-packed odyssey his dramatic profile as a new generation genre actor, according to critics. In an interview with the magazine, he speaks about the film shoot.

We present you the spread here, and several more portraits and celebrity editorials by the photographer on GoSee and via

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Photographers • Frank P. Wartenberg photographs actress Anna Bederke in the fashion from ROMA E TOSKA, portraits of the cast from 'Bibi & Tina' with Director Detlev Buck as well as dancer portraits in THE DAYLIGHT Studio

21.02.2018 • "Anna Bederke is a multi-talent: She is a graduate Director, successful actress on the big German screen and can look back on experiences as a model during college. In our fashion & portrait shoot, the Hamburg resident demonstrated that she is a master of her craft in front of the photo camera just as much as she is with moving images and behind the film camera," says Frank P. Wartenberg about the celebrity shoot, the result of which he presents us here on GoSee.

Anna was clad in collections from high fashion label ROMA E TOSKA. In the Hamburg shop, the unusual pieces are blended with vintage fashion. Frank P. Wartenberg and Anna got to really go wild with the camera, while Karoline Löwe c/o Louisa Artists took care of hair & make-up, and Birgit Countess Tyszkiewicz was in charge of the perfect styling.

And Frank P. Wartenberg also asked new young talents to step in front of his lens: Lina Larissa Strahl and Lisa-Marie Koroll, the actresses who bring friends Bibi & Tina to life – all had the honor together with Director Detlev Buck in Berlin. After 88 audio books and 54...

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Photographers • 'Snowscapes' – snowy landscapes and their illusionary perception, photographed by CHRISTOF SCHMIDT

20.02.2018 • It is a personal project with existing landscape photos from the archive of CHRISTOF SCHMIDT: "Snowy landscapes where the spatial effect is submerged into an illusion. This illusionary perception is highlighted by the substituted blue sky," says the photographer. Post production was taken care of by him personally.

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