28.03.2012  •  Photographers NEWS


Achim Lippoth : Belgian designer Caroline Bosman’s ‘Cow Cow and Cows’ kids collection and Animancas for MIGROS

Achim LIPPOTH photographed the avant-garde kids collection 'Cow Cow and Cows' by Belgian designer Caroline Bosman.

She developed the collection for her last year at SASK and won the Legaat Hulstaert Award for it.

The motifs were published in the 34th issue of Kid's Wear and in order to further emphasise the vintage look, Achim added even more layers in the post-production.

He also photographed the new themed annual promotion for MIGROS called 'Animanca – Discover your inner animal(s)', which brings out the spirits of a lion and a moose within the viewer.

Legend has it, that children emulate the attributes of the animals depicted on the stone as soon as they start wearing the collectible pendants around their necks.