14.02.2017  •  Photographers NEWS


Heads Up! This is all about 'The Kama Sutra of Traffic' ! WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon are shmoozing the creative scene with their self-advertisement campaign and caused a big commotion even before publication. So choose a position!

In 2017, the creative duo from WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon, launched a somewhat different self-advertisement campaign. Instead of shooting glossy cars, the two posed for the camera themselves this time. In a series of great in-your-face, humorous photos you won't forget all too soon, Thomas von Salomon and Michael Compensis slip into various roles with one thing in common: They are all about cars and, let's say, traffic.

The latter might well be a double entendre: With their “Whores” motif, Salomon and Compensis apparently offended even before the first publication: The advertising partner for the 18/1 posters refused to publish the wonderful motif just like that. He thought the motif was too risqué. Which is why since Mid-January only three motifs were hung as large-scale posters first in Hamburg and later in Frankfurt. Munich and Berlin are to follow.

As postcards with no less edgy wording, all four motifs are flying around the top agencies. We present the duo on GoSee along with a peep behind the scenes, of course, with all four motifs, plus the derrière of the postcards! They naturally look forward to portfolio inquiries from interested agencies, which have not yet postcards or are simply into extremely quick and highly professional traffic.

The concept was developed by the duo personally. Layout and typo were in the hands of Florian Stürmer from Die Stürmer. For copy, the two had, as WE! shoot it put it, “the great” Michael Brepohl. Styling came from Cornelia Heuser, and make-up or the light day make-up were done by Melina Johannsen.