15.02.2017  •  Photographers NEWS


Igor Panitz shoots a BMW 5-Series launch campaign for Jung von Matt and Serviceplan on nightly streets and against a graphic architecture background

The launch of the new BMW 5-Series was photographed by Igor PANITZ in Spain. The production included both the campaign and the entire sales literature with all deliverables. While the campaign was realized on nightly streets, the concept of the BTL spread required ultra-graphic architectures. To distinguish between the derivatives, seven different looks were realized.

Creative support came from Jan Grothklags, Serviceplan Hamburg (BTL), and Christian Dallmeier c/o Jung von Matt (ATL). Heiko Kircher and Florian Bayerschmidt from CoC Artwork in Munich ensured the elaborate production went smoothly, and the team was supported by Werner Dürsteler c/o SONDA PRODUCTIONS. GoSee Member STEFAN EISELE and Igor Müller/Npixo as well as Rheinart were responsible for post production.

GoSee presents the tip of the iceberg, with a total of about 70 motifs – Boom! More works is available directly via IGOR PANITZ.