13.02.2017  •  Photographers NEWS


Jeff Ludes stages the SUBARU WRX STI models on serpentines and against a backdrop of Californian landscapes for Designory

Commissioned by Designory, transportation specialist JEFF LUDES realized new works for SUBARU. Technical finesses have made Subaru what it is – an exciting vehicle. So it’s no surprise the brand new Subaru WRX STI boasts features including its unique all-wheel drive system, Symmetrical AWD. Creative Director Scott Izuhara was in charge of realizing the imagery, with art buying from the hands of Ines Soto.

The photographer on the shoot: “Late last year, I spent two very busy days in California with SUBARU’s muscular WRX and STI models. The team chose locations that offered a lot of variety, and by working fast, was able to cover many different looks each day. There was even a little time for some unplanned shots, some of which made the final selection, making both me and my client very happy. More Subaru work is coming soon – secret new cars that can’t be shared just yet..!”