17.04.2017  •  Photographers NEWS


Lise Anne Marsal photographs a 'Melvis' special for French GALA at the Lido Cabaret in Paris with a hint of glam from Las Vegas

In a 'MELVIS' special for French GALA, Lise Anne Marsal captured the hard rock glitz & glam of Las Vegas. The location of choice was the world famous Lido Cabaret in Paris. Melvis stands for the talented Elvis tribute artist Mel Bouvey , and at the side of the King stood model Katharina Holler. Styling of the spread came from Nathalie Baumgartner. Hair: Sandrine Garcia, make-up: Aline Schmitt and post production: Almedin Kramo. Several more editorials by Lise Anne are available directly on her website.