13.02.2018  •  Photographers NEWS


NEW : Cast off for ILVIE & BEN – kid's visuals by Susanne Stemmer; photography, direction & production of children's stories full of imagination, editorials, commercials and short films

ILVIE & BEN is the new kid's photography brand full of imagination by artist and photographer Susanne Stemmer. Ilvie & Ben photographs and produces somewhat different children's stories – whether as editorials, commercials, moving images or a beautiful photo gallery.

'It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly.' was already known by The little Prince from Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger Vicomte de Saint-Exupéry. 'What is essential is invisible to the eye.' In the case of ILVIE & BEN, this means: "We go on treasure hunts and become detectives, we capture boats and swim in moon lakes. And sometimes it’s only in the evening that we remember we’re actually grown-ups." photographer Susanne Stemmer tells GoSee.

Susanne continues: "Story is our focus." We love to create unusual stories around our kid's spreads and to really immerse ourselves in the world of children. Our little team of stylists, makeup artists and assistants is capable of giving directions and telling jokes in French, English, German, Arabic and Spanish. If we are missing a language, we’re well trained in kid’s pantomimes as well. The real grown-ups on set sometimes wonder a bit about it – but the kids understand us," the photographer tells us tongue in cheek.

We present you here on GoSee the first adventures on water, over land, on horseback and in the sand by Ilvie & Ben, and you can find more of that captured and lovingly preserved children's imagination – guaranteed not only for children – on the website, on Facebook and via Instagram.