01.03.2017  •  Photographers NEWS


Patrick Curtet : One night in Paris ... a night shoot with the Mercedes AMG



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On a cold night in January, transportation specialist Patrick Curtet challenged a bunch of friends to organize a one night shoot with the Mercedes AMG. Within three days, the locations were scouted, the permits were sorted out and just the right people were round up to realize the project with the required manpower and have fun lots of fun while doing so. The photographer, who now resides in Los Angeles, could rely on the full support of his French agent William Blanc from Cream productions. “The challenge was to create a series of pictures and a short film, and here is the result of that epic night,” Patrick tells GoSee. Retouching was taken care of by Curve Digital, with post production and editing of the film by Spotbot in Los Angeles (thanks to Philipp).