25.01.2012  •  Photographers NEWS


ZUGSPITZE •  Sabine Dürichen : on a picturesque snowy mountain top for the CONLEY'S KIDS catalogue

An adventurous winter shoot by Sabine Duerichen and her team tells of mountains and dwarves – produced in the appropriately snowy mountains.

The crowning launch location for the current CONLEY'S KIDS catalogue was the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain.

The kids gambled for their cool outfits by the cottage fireside. Blankets and socks knitted-by-granny helped tackle the cold weather.

The well equipped kids set out to conquer the snowscape: they unleashed balloons, held racing competitions with blankets, went sleigh-riding with air mattresses, ran a deckchair folding contest and participated in a bout of good old-fashioned snowball fighting of course.

Afterwards, Sabine travelled non-stop to wonderful Tuscany, where she had plenty to discover. More pictures to be released here on GoSee shortly.