31.01.2012  •  Photographers NEWS


BACK TO MAMA •  Sven Jacobsen : NEW YORKER 2012 campaign, BROADWAY 2012 campaign and 'Back to mama' the book

The photographer from Hamburg shot the 'Dress for the Moment' 2012 campaign for NEW YORKER. Creation by Sven Jacobsen and Oliver Pink, Creative Director New Yorker.

We are also delighted to showcase the BROADWAY 2012 campaign here on GoSee, also photographed by Sven. The creative responsibility lay in the hands of Christine Ruf (Concept and AD) and Sven Jacobsen.

And once again, here is Sven's book 'Back to Mama', which features a cover with the expecting smile of a young women in a 1950s look. The129 photos in the book unravel the story with snapshots from the life of her son, photographer Sven Jacobsen.

'Back to Mama' is Sven's most personal project, describing the emotional gap between family life and loneliness, between lively and silent love. At the same time, his pictures reflect the universal desire for happiness as well as the simple and essential things in life. Sven comments “The pictures are warm, emotional and timeless, resisting the urge to be painfully perfect – an homage to life and its amiability”.

Sven Jacobsen (*1969 in Kiel) has been working as a freelance photographer for famous national and international agencies and magazines such as Geo, SZ Magazine, Stern, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Guardian Magazine since 1999. His works were awarded the John Kobal Award and the Reinhart Wolf Award (amongst others) and exhibited in numerous exhibitions, including the National Portrait Gallery London. 'Back to Mama' marks his fifth publication.

Back to Mama
Linen binding with gold embossing and title label
24 x 30 cm
272 Pages
129 Colour pictures
In stock
ISBN 978-3-86828-263-4
48 Euro