17.08.2012  •  Photographers NEWS


ART PROJECT •  Thomas von Salomon : presents UP / DOWN, an ‘auto’-erotic perspective study, on GoSee

In the last months, photographer Thomas VON SALOMON realised a project in collaboration with OPEL.

He photographed classic rally- & racing cars from unusual perspectives; from the top and bottom.

This series titled ‘UP / DOWN’, will be presented in an exhibition in Frankfurt this autumn.

Thomas on perspective number 1: ‘I am mainly interested in the unexpected viewpoint of cars, which we usually only see from the side and front.

The view of the top is to show the pure form and reveal the car decals that are often very graphic.’

He goes on to talk to GoSee about perspective 2: ‘The shots from below are because vehicles are never portrayed like that – I actually expected them all to look pretty much the same and was very surprised to find out that no two are the same.’

Michael Compensis took care of the post-production in-house.