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Photographers • Michael Himpel photographs ad motifs for jewelry specialist JUWELIER FRIEDRICH, appearing in AD and Business Vogue

17.07.2019 • MICHAEL HIMPEL staged the jewelry collection from JUWELIER FRIEDRICH. These three motifs were placed as ads in AD and Business Vogue.

Juwelier Friedrich has received the Diamonds-International Award in New York now for the third time, the world's highest honor and most prestigious award for jewelry design. This triple win brings with it the acceptance into the renowned Diamonds-International Academy. Friedrich has also received multiple awards on a national level – more than 30 in total, the most important of which are the “Golden Loupe” and the “Golden Shell”. This company, which has written jewelry history, was founded in 1947 by Karl Friedrich and is located today in Neue Rothofstraße 19, Frankfurt am Main. This internationally established brand is managed by gemologist Marc G. Stabernack and is where the skills of goldsmiths and silversmiths, a passion for design and innovation are amalgamated with the knowledge of gemstones and their aesthetic radiance.

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Photographers • WE! shoot it "Think BIG!". Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon photograph the FENDT 900 Vario campaign and stage the Infiniti QX80 in Los Angeles

16.07.2019 • "Think BIG!" was the name of the game for photographer duo from WE! shoot it in Summer 2019. Agricultural machinery manufacturer FENDT commissioned Munich-based agency Shot One to realize the first campaign for the launch of new tractor model 900 Vario. Anne von Königswald and Jan Doleschel from Shot One was able to get the creative duo from WE! shoot it on board for the key visuals as well as to realize several side shots. Even though the tractor topic was somewhat unknown territory for the two photographers, they demonstrated once again that they can perfectly stage anything with wheels – only particularly big wheels this time!

Fendt GmbH, founded in 1930 by Xaver Fendt, was a family business which manufactured agricultural machinery of the same named brand and was headquartered in Marktoberdorf. Since 2009, the company name is AGCO GmbH. Since 1997, factory and brand belong to American agricultural equipment group AGCO Corporation, headquartered in Duluth. GoSee :

Just a few days later after arriving in sunny California, the two photographers think back on the...

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Photographers • Torsten Klinkow photographs the new PORSCHE 718 Cayman GT4 chock full of urban flair in a former factory building

10.07.2019 • 'Totally. Irrational' - the new 718 Cayman GT4 is the perfect sports car for those who like to push the limits. For those who'd rather ask “Why not?” than “Why?”. For those who take fun seriously and would rather sit in a sport seat than a leather armchair.

Over the course of fourteen nights, TORSTEN KLINKOW and his team photographed the new, incredibly cool 718 Cayman GT4 for PORSCHE in a former factory building. Art direction was taken care of by GoSee member KERSTIN MÜLLER, and Torsten was supported in production by Sven Laabs Production&Location. Look & feel were in the hands of Trey Post Production (2D & 3D). A huge thank you from Torsten goes out to the entire team for this amazing job!

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