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Photographers • Photographer and Director Chris Tribelhorn films a TV commercial for Wella Koleston with Brazilian beauty Renata Sozzi in his Stockholm studio

17.03.2019 • Besides fashion & beauty editorials and contract work, CHRIS TRIBELHORN regularly realizes commercials and beauty spots for hair and make-up clients. He now presents his TVC for WELLA KOLESTON with Brazilian beauty Renata Sozzi (DOP Benjamin Zadig). The team including hairstylist came from London, and production took place at the Stockholm studio of the native Swiss director and photographer. Further works from the area of MOTION are available via

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Photographers • Photographer Darius Ramazani : celebrated International Women's Day 2019 with German-Armenian boxing superstar Susi Kentikian; we have the making-of film and photos for you on GoSee

15.03.2019 • For his billboard and long-term project, photographer DARIUS RAMAZANI was in the ring with professional boxer Susi Kentikian. He photographed the boxing star for a project for International Women's Day 2019, in collaboration with Art Director Anna Weil. With 400 punches per minute, Susi Kentikian, German boxing athlete of Armenian heritage, is today's fastest female boxer in the world. One of her punched is faster than 200 milliseconds, too fast for the human eye, and usually too fast for her opponents. At the age of five, she left Armenia together with her family because of the war over Nagorno Karabakh and has lived in Hamburg since 1996. And only her professional contract over three years secured her and her family the right to permanent residence in 2005.

Susi on the shoot: "International Women's Day - For all the great women of the world. Love yourself... you are someone special in this world. Love you all 💕 Thank you for the awesome shoot Darius!"

Since 2010, she has been the patron for the initiative "Tree of Life for Armenia". The...

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Photographers • NEW at GoSee : Pascale Weber, stills photographer, Zurich; we have an editorial for ONE magazine and a first portfolio for you on GoSee

14.03.2019 • NEW at GoSee is young Swiss photographer PASCALE WEBER with a focus on still life, a direction which began to crystalize already during her training to become a photographer. Characteristic of her work is a minimalist approach which she likes to combine with soft pastels. In her works, jewelry adorns fruit, cake levitates on a fork or ice cream seems to blossom... Pascale Weber knows how to present products in an enticing and playful manner. Her unusual perspectives shed a new light on objects, catching the eye and captivating the beholder.

Pascale Weber already works for a variety of editorial offices and magazines as well as for advertising clients, including a campaign she photographed for the cosmetic brand Sensai. As an introduction on GoSee, we present you her editorial for ONE magazine, which was created in cooperation with stylist Victoria Steiner. The model was "lovely Gaja, who gave our transparency story the perfect touch." says Pascale Weber. Plus, GoSee presents more beautiful motifs from her portfolio.

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