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Photographers • Wolfram Schroll photographs an image pool for SLM Solutions Group AG, the leading manufacturer of metal 3D printing, with a little glimpse into the future of modern component production

16.09.2019 • SLM Solutions in Lübeck is one of the leading manufacturers of metal 3D printing. For the photos of the new website, SLM commissioned industrial photographer WOLFRAM SCHROLL. Created on the three-day shoot was a comprehensive image pool, from which the website and further marketing projects were realized.

Wolfram Schroll tells GoSee: “3D printing is an entirely thrilling technology. I've known about it for some years know, but I still find myself standing in front of these machines with eyes wide and jaw dropped while watching the laser go about its business. And the components they print are crazy, some of which weren't even possible until today. Fascinating.” And Wolfram continues: “During the SLM shoot, we not only photographed the actual printing process but also the production halls, R&D, QS, and above all, the people who work there. An exciting job with a little glimpse into the future of modern component production.”

SLM Solutions Group AG is a leading supplier of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. The company focuses on the development, assembly and...

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Photographers • 'Underwater Prison' – the personal project realized by photographer Marcus Philipp Sauer with inmates of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta

16.09.2019 • A free moment during a production was used by photographer MARCUS PHILIP SAUER for his personal project entitled 'Underwater Prison', for which he photographed at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta on Pemberton Place. It is equipped with a 31,000 m³ salt- and freshwater basin containing more than 100,000 animals of 500 different species – making it the largest aquarium worldwide at the time it was opened. Among its absolute highlight attractions are four young whale sharks, three belugas and two manta rays.

Marcus Philipp Sauer on his motivation: “Even though you try to avoid aquariums and zoos, it became necessary to visit one after all to capture these photos. Despite the fact that proprietors always claim their importance with regard to research and conservation, they are above all interested in one thing: profit. And animals must suffer so that we can stare at them.”

If you were planning a visit, we can offer you an alternative: the aquarium of the future. The digital software system LightAnimal was designed by Japanese duo Haruyoshi Kawai and Keisuke Saikai. Visitors...

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Photographers • 'Malibu' – ANKE LUCKMANN photographs personal work on scorched earth in California with male model Lukas Mann

14.09.2019 • The photos which reached us at the end of 2018 were dramatic. The sea of flames and the extent of destruction in several regions of California was shocking. It ended particularly tragically for the small town of Paradise in the northern part of the state where the fire destroyed more than 6000 houses. In Paradise and in Malibu, 31 people died in the flames. On the scorched earth, ANKE LUCKMANN photographed her personal work entitled 'Malibu' featuring male model Lukas Mann c/o LA Model Management. Anke tells GoSee about the spread: “Shocking and beautiful... what remains after a fire.” The motifs were post-produced by Harvest.

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Photographers • Andreas Ortner photographs the VOGUE Collection, The PEEK & CLOPPENBURG South F/W '19 campaign in Gotland and for the September issue of ELLE Germany on the island of Zakynthos

12.09.2019 • 'Somewhere over the rainbow...' – Andreas Ortner photographed model Ymre Stiekema for the Vogue Collection in Greece, hair & make-up: Georgios Tsiogkas, styling: Lynn Schmidt.

For the latest PEEK & CLOPPENBURG Fall/Winter 2019 campaign, it was off to Gotland, a popular Swedish island and province in the Baltic Sea – and perhaps one of the northern-most wine growing regions in Europe – precisely where fashion photographer ANDREAS ORTNER shot top models Will Chalker, Andres Valencoso, Ronja Furrer, Sara Johnson, Charlie Newman, Isaac Weber, Tom Warren, Simone Jakob, and last but not least, Caroline Lossberg against a beautiful backdrop. Styling was in the hands of Birgit Schlotterbeck with art direction by Julia Ünlu and Tewe Maas. Hair & make-up: Spirulina Fontouglu, set design: Niklas Hansen and production: Blissed Production.

Located on the island by the way in Kneippbyn nearby Visby is also the world-famous Villa Villekulla, the cottage from Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking books. It is the original house from the films, all of which were shot on the island. The...

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Photographers • Patrick Curtet, transportation & lifestyle photographer, takes to the sky for LUFTHANSA and the Aviation Training Center in Phoenix/Arizona

11.09.2019 • “It’s too easy on the ground, let’s find a new challenge and take to the sky,” says transportation & lifestyle photographer PATRICK CURTET. “When a new client comes to hire me and wants to take my style up into the air is when the fun starts. LUFTHANSA wanted to refresh the photo library for its flying school, which has been established in Phoenix (Arizona) for more than 50 years. All Lufthansa pilots operating now for this major airline have flown over the Arizona capital. The photo shoot took place last November, and the temperature was still 44° Celsius at that time of year. After a very precise briefing, the team and I cruised the airspace for hours. I was shooting from a helicopter, and the planes were circulating.”

The Airline Training Center Arizona, Inc. (ATCA) is an apprenticing company of Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH which offers aviation training to aspiring pilots at the airport in Goodyear, a suburb of Phoenix, USA. The large number of sunny days enables visual flight training (VFR training) nearly all year round.

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