30.03.2009  •  Post NEWS


Albert Bauer Studios : Munich Aids-Hilfe e.V. charity and AXA print campaign

The Albert Bauer studios Munich post produced the motifs for the AIDS-Hilfe e.v. charity and the Start AG agency, as shown here at GoSee.

The elaborate explanation: “The dangers of the immunity deficiency illness that is AIDS have been covered by many a campaign. Be it in a warning manner, in an attempt to elucidate or sharply portrayed and aimed at a very specific peer group. Yet, nobody ever dared to dig as deep as the complex issue would make you think it asks for, which should lead you straight into the seducing arms of sexual desire. The postcards from Start, Munich are now putting the pants off man's particular piece in a provocative and skilful way. An eye catcher that does not stop at the eye but makes its way to the mind where it leaves one in contemplation.”

And here is another motif for client AXA, as photographed by Heiko RICHARD c/o NERGER M&O. The commissioning agency was KNKS with CD Tim Kring. Albert Bauer Studios post produced the motifs for the print campaign.