06.10.2009  •  Post NEWS


Albert Bauer Studios : UPdate Hamburg and magnificent mythological creatures for MTU motors

The Albert Bauer Studios will present themselves at the UPdate in Hamburg on Friday, 9 October. The Alte Börsenhalle will be open to the public from 13:00 until 22:00. For further information go to www.up-date.ws.

A Peligator and an Armapard are just two of the strange creatures that Albert-Bauer Studios have interbred in a mythological world…. The campaign motifs were created for MTU motors. MTU usually produce motors for trains, ships, planes and the like, but their new campaign demonstrates how they might also come in handy if a rhinoceros needs to be helped to its feet in a hurry.

Jung von Matt, Hamburg was in charge of the creative aspects. We are pleased to present the magnificent mythological creatures here on GoSee.

To see more work go to the agency’ website, which is all the more inviting, following its recent relaunch. We are also pleased to present a preview of a luxury-inspired free architecture project.