30.04.2012  •  Post NEWS


LOOK & RETOUCH  •  Gold Postproduction : ‘We Move, We Sale’ campaign for MAENDLER heritage brand and editorial in SUPERIOR online magazine

The campaign for the final sale of the traditional MAENDLER brand was created by the creative agency SVENPETER. One particular eye-catcher of the campaign is the neon-pink colour tint 806.

The special sale will take place until the end of June in the Maendler shop located on the legendary Theatinerstr.7 in Munich. Maender has been 'in the service of fashion since 1811', according to the website. The Maendler fashion house was founded back in 1934 by Josef Maendler as 'Modeaus Maendler Munich', located on the Theatinerstr.16.

The moving boxes (photographer: Andreas Ortner) used in the shoot were draped in foil and that is what gives them the reflective and glowing quality. The examples here on GoSee – despite being in RGB – cannot hardly compete with the real print experience.

In close collaboration with the printers and post-production, the campaign was realised with no holds barred. The special colour is used in mailings, stickers and first and foremost on advertising pillars.

Apart from preparing the print for mailings, posters and advertising columns, GOLD POSTPRODUCTION was in charge of post-production for the people and still motifs.

Ben Ullmann photographed Malte Flierenbaumm for his 'Daydream' editorial in the SUPERIOR online magazine.

Styling and make-up were in the hands of Frank Oberberger and Erol Koyu, D-I service were in charge of the digital support on set and the motifs were polished and finalised in post-production by GOLD-post.