13.03.2012  •  Post NEWS


FULL CGI •  Imagerefinery : full CGI for DIY retail chain OBI's new store openings

The Bartel, Brömmel, Struck und Partner advertising agency developed the 'Jack-in-the-Box' module campaign for DIY-chain OBI and its new openings in 2012.

Depending on the occasion, city names or seasonal symbols jump out of the roof of the 'opened' DIY-store.

IMAGEREFINERY realised the complete DIY-store, its surroundings as well as the piggy bank in 3D. A handful of elements, such as the helm and a few parts of the vegetation were realised using stock solutions.

The stylised DIY-store is located in the midst of a clean, traditional, German environment and site-specific details (such as the city of Aachen), were added to the production.

All of the formats were created from the master source file. Here is the link to the OBI re-opening in AACHEN.

OBI (Olympics Baumarkt Holding) is the number one in the construction and DIY industry. OBI can be found in 13 European countries and has 560 branches, 340 of which are located in Germany. The company employs over 43,100 staff.

Ever since the first OBI store opened in 1970 in Hamburg, the spread of the 'Orange Box' has been subject to constant expansion.