12.05.2009  •  Post NEWS


LOOK & POST •  Imagerefinery : all round CGI GEROLSTEINER packshot campaign, Spanish sun for OTTO and spring for READYBANK

GoSee presents the first motif of the latest GEROLSTEINER pack shot campaign, which deepblue networks realized together with CD Matthias Haese. IMAGEREFINERY used CGI to create the bottle, water splashes and floor. 

The individual liquid parts were modelled using software combinations, given a suitable texture and lighting, and rendered. The usual “cleaning” process wasn’t necessary in the final post production session. Several construction pieces are still available for further adaptations and perspectives. Imagerefinery have now crossed into territory traditionally reserved for photography.

The latest OTTO campaign was photographed in Spain. However, the weather let them down slightly. The AD was Kay-Owe Tiedemann, joined by photographer Mel KARCH c/o OBJECTIV PHOTOGRAPHEN, with Imagerefinery in charge of post production. The agency was Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg.

We have attached, amongst others, the “boat” motif, from the new READYBANK campaign, which shows no signs of the credit crunch. As the time of year couldn’t offer enough green trees, Imagerefinery gave nature a helping 3D hand. The photographer was Sven Glage. The agency was Kolle Rebbe Hamburg with AD Alexander Hesslein and AB Emanuel Mugrauer.