07.03.2017  •  Post NEWS


Live and Backstage! MARC O’POLO Junior meets Glasperlenspiel, campaign and catalog motifs by Arton Sefa, Post production by GOLD

For the Junior Spring/Summer 2017 campaign, MARC O’POLO cooperated for the first time with the band Glasperlenspiel. "You can see on the photos that everyone had a good time and lots of fun during the shoot. And when you compare the biography of Caro and Daniel from Glasperlenspiel with MARC O’POLO’s philosophy, it's clear that both have similar values. In close coordination with creation and photographer Arton SEFA, more than 30 emotional campaign and catalog motifs with real backstage feeling were realized. The brief for GOLD was to work out the easiness, authenticity and naturalness in the photos in post production. Required was a cool, casual look that still reflected the warm light of the light-flooded location," GOLD POSTPRODUCTION tells GoSee. The color and black & white motifs will be used at the POS, online and also in the Junior NEWS produced by GOLD.