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On tour with the PORSCHE Macan - FULL-SERVICE agency RECOM followed a kitesurfer on the water, conjured up VfX, and delivered both camera and direction for this cinematic press film


RECOM FILM : Porsche Macan - Press-Film

Director: Andreas Justus Burz / recomFILM
DOP: Roman Müllegger
Production: recomFILM
TV Producer: Isabell Kohlmeyer, Manuel Hummer (Executive)
Editing: Raquel Caro Nunez / recomFILM
Sound Design: Marvin Keil
Music: Stephan Schelens
Service Production: ICON FILMS
Color Correction: Andreas Justus Burz / recomFILM

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Don't try this at home! With a large team and a professional kitesurfer, full-service agency RECOM hit the big waves for client PORSCHE and the new Macan. The brief was to pull a kitesurfer on the water using a real drone, manage a mob of extras, deliver massive VfX while doing the camera and director job, too. The result: a successful, cinematic press film. Enjoy!