17.08.2012  •  Post NEWS


PHOTOS & RETOUCH •  Ramona Reuter : MONARI motif, VOGUE advertorial for G & I SHOES and editorials for SPEX and INSTITUTE magazine

On behalf of agency Donkey Hamburg, Johannes GRAF c/o TEAM HOUSE photographed new motifs for Italian fashion label MONARI. RAMONA REUTER was in charge of post-production and retouching.

Monari is growing to be a top player in medium to upper price knit supply, with an annual double figure sales increase.

The mid-sized company employs 200 people and its fashion is available in more than 30 countries. There are 20 individual Monari stores in Germany and five more in Austria.

Ramona Reuter was in charge of photos and retouch for the great VOGUE advertorial for G & I SHOES.

Johannes Graf was responsible for the men’s fashion editorial for music magazine SPEX. Post-production by Ramona.

Here on GoSee you can see model Albe Hamiti in the editorial for INSTITUTE magazine. The naturally perfect blue was created in post-production by equally naturally perfect Ramona.