12.04.2010  •  Post NEWS


recom : Does advertising make good things worse? ... paper letters for the BIONADE "it's ok to ask questions" poster campaign

The latest BIONADE poster campaign is currently drawing attention to itself with this question and others similar to it. The recomCGI and recomPOST team collaborated with the Kolle Rebbe agency to create ten paper letter motifs in CGI for the 'it's ok to ask questions' claim.

This is how full question sentences were strung in the woods, floated on the lake and iced onto icicles in CGI and elaborately integrated into the chosen stock motifs in the postproduction.

In addition to this, around 150 individual paper letters were generated as a transparent layer for the interactive web special. This resulted in a complete alphabet, including numbers and punctuation marks, in three different angle variations each. These are used to generate additional ‘questions’ in the web special.

The first five motifs are currently on display throughout Germany and can also be viewed here on GoSee…