07.06.2012  •  Post NEWS


POST & JOB OFFER •  Sublime Postproduction : ADIDAS Champions League ‘Make your Choice’ campaign, underwater images for CUSTOMFORM and JOB OFFER in Berlin

Heimat commissioned Sublime CGI with the post-production of the spectacular motifs of the ADIDAS Champions League 'Make your Choice' campaign Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea in CGI.

If you want to find out where and in what size the poster will be on show, check out the YOUTUBE link.

Furthermore, Sublime worked on the underwater image by photographer Sonja MÜLLER c/o GoSee Member KSTIEGEMEYER for CUSTOMFORM, agency Mc Cann Erickson Warsaw. Customform offers reproductions and variations of design classics (and more).

Photographs about deep sleep, falling, lightness, zero gravity and dreams were realised at the Olympic Pool in Potsdam.

And: Sublime post-production is looking for an experienced post-artist to sign a permanent contract in Berlin with immediate effect.