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Post • Patrick Salonen in charge of post production for the NOzeanium campaign against construction of mega-project Ozeanium in Basel plus ad campaigns for Schneider Fitness

11.09.2019 • For the Franz Weber Foundation, PATRICK SALONEN was in charge of post production of the campaign motifs against construction of the mega-project Ozeanium in Basel. Responsible for the idea of the motif was Werber Simon Hofer, a native of Bern, Switzerland. The job was photographed by Reto Andreoli. For this particular job, Patrick needed time to think about it since it was a political campaign which he usually tends to avoid. But after taking a deeper look, he was able to commit to the campaign message. All's well that ends well: It didn't give him any sleepless nights.

Together with photographer Reto Andreoli and Creative Director Simon Hofer, Patrick had the honor of post-producing the new ad motifs for fitness service provider SCHNEIDER FITNESS.

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Post • Andrea Heberger : 'Porsche Underwater Road', personal work by Mondlichtstudios

25.08.2019 • Dima, Maksym and David are together Mondlichtstudios. We present you their personal work 'Porsche Underwater Road' here on GoSee – realized 100% in CGI.

FYI: Mondlichtstudio's skill set is made up of automotive CGI, both exterior and interior, matte painting, digital characters, post production, architecture CGI, and advertisement.

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Post • Tina Luther photographs model Grace Anderson for the Holiday issue of GRAZIA in Aruba - post production of the spread by Retouched-Studios

31.07.2019 • Tina LUTHER c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS shot a colorful spread themed upon 'Holiday' for GRAZIA. Appearing in the lead role next to the photogenic flamingos was model Grace Anderson, styled by Nino Cerone. The spread was produced by Jeanette Hepp in Aruba, the Caribbean. Casting was taken care of by Beka Kammann with hair & make-up by Spiridula Fountoglou, and post production was in the hands of RETOUCHED STUDIOS, Hamburg.

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