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Post • Sublime Postproduction : RAMP MAGAZINE fashion special with the Porsche 718 Caymann GTS and fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick

10.02.2019 • Car magazine RAMP presents fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick with a Porsche. Post production was taken care of by SUBLIME. "Sublime was commissioned to work on an exciting fashion/car advertorial project featuring the Porsche 718 Caymann GTS with the Porsche 911 and starring celebrity fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick."

The special was photographed by Alexandra Kinga Fekete c/o COSMOPOLA, who together with Thorsten Osterberger was also in charge of concept and production. And with Christian Brach, Thorsten also took care of styling. For hair & make-up on the elaborate set was Stefan Kehl c/o FAME AGENCY, and alongside the blogger, male model Benjamin Kühnemund cut quite a dash.

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Post • CARIOCA c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS with a fully CGI production for the TIER IM RECHT foundation - because No animal wants to be treated cruelly !

05.02.2019 • Since 1996, Tier im Recht (TIR) has been a strong proponent for animal protection legislature. The main purpose of all TIR activities is the continuous improvement of human-animal relationships in law, ethics and society.

VISUALEYES ARTISTS tells GoSee : "We are proud to be part of this project. The slogan "No animal wants to be treated cruelly" is perfect and CARIOCA's full CGI production is congenial." The awareness campaign "No animal wants to be treated cruelly" is now the fourth campaign which creative agency Ruf Lanz has designed pro bono for TIR. The four subjects can be seen on billboards, ads and online media as well as on the TIR website. Of course, all images were created completely on the computer.

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