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CGI • The 2019 FORD KA staged by Platinum c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL for GTB using CGI

09.12.2018 • Brazilian Image Concept Studio Platinum c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL staged the new 2019 Ford Ka using CGI. "The latest automotive project from Platinum! A fully computer-generated campaign for the release of Ford's 2019 Ka models. The use of CGI (3D) over traditional photography gave Platinum full control of the creative process, while lowering costs and eliminating logistical and weather-related problems." (advertising: Agency GTB, Creative Director: Daniel Leitao, Art Director: Leandro Bechara, AB: Luana Aghata).

Platinum is an image conception studio founded in 1991. For nearly a quarter of a decade, it has been developing its craft, using all available artistic means at its disposal, always searching for the best solutions to create its images. It is a blend of singular visions, artists working together with the common goal of creating eclectic and diverse work. Platinum strives to make impossible images become reality. It is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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POSTPROD & CGI • NEW : ARTDIVISION, POST PRODUCTION & CGI, Frankfurt; presents the new Porsche 911, design icon and high-tech sports car as well as further projects for PORSCHE on GoSee

06.12.2018 • We are delighted to welcome ARTDIVISION GmbH, POST PRODUCTION & CGI, from Frankfurt as a new entry on GoSee. The agency was founded by Richard Monning & Robert Wagner. The guiding principle is that of a creative forge: They see themselves as a 'production site with craftsmen of different professions or highly specialized partners of different handicrafts whose mutual goal is to fuse their different work processes for the manufacture of a joint end product.' It is thus only possible to create outstanding motifs, if absolute specialists are employed – goes the maxim of ARTDIVISION.

"With lots of passion for detail and more than 20 years of advertising expertise, we can draw on a wealth of automotive photography experience. This enables us to choose the ideal solution for our projects in collaboration with photographers, architects, art directors, artists and many more creatives," Richard and Robert tell GoSee.

As their latest project, they present us the new Porsche 911 here on GoSee – a design icon and high-tech sports car. "The eighth generation of the 911 is even more...

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Post • The MONTBLANC SUMMIT 2 SMARTWATCH pairs good old style with high tech of tomorrow - both produced in the here & now by RETOUCHED STUDIOS

27.11.2018 • #STAYAHEAD – with the new MONTBLANC SUMMIT 2 SMARTWATCH, your "connected companion for a life of travel, health and exploration..." MONTBLANC on the new timepiece: "The SUMMIT 2 Smartwatch for men and women combines the finest of design codes with high-quality materials and the most modern, state-of-the-art technology." The new campaign motifs were photographed by Ben LAMBERTY c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER and post-produced by RETOUCHED.

What makes this clock tick? The compact unisex case (42 mm) brings the authentic look & feel of a classic Montblanc watch onto the wrist – while offering Google's latest Wear OS features, including exclusive APPS: starting with the Montblanc Timeshifter app which gives personalized tips on minimizing jetlag. Scientific knowledge is the basis of this app used by both astronauts and top athletes to support them in adapting to other time zones. Its recommendations for caffeine consumption, an ideal sleep and a light exposure plan enable you to adjust to a new time zone in a jiffy. GoSee:

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Post • The MANOLAYA 2018-19 campaign - art direction, photos and post production by Ramona Reuter / RaRe Imaging

20.11.2018 • Ramona Reuter/RaRe Imaging supported the MANOLAYA* 2018 campaign in many ways than one – Ramon Reuter was responsible not only for post production but also for art direction and photography. MANOLAYA offers functional clothing for practicing yoga daily – in a limited edition. We read on the website: "Particularly important to us is a clear, timeless design and a cut in which the alignment of the body remains visible and the freedom of movement is not restricted. We make clothes that don't slip onto your face during training. They never pinch or itch. Clothes that are also inline with your mindset, always aware of others and the environment. Our production partner in West Bengal, India, is a leading producer of fair clothing. The employees of the family business produce our products under fair conditions from certified organic cotton." Find out more under:

Manolaya is made up of the two Sanskrit words Manas, which means spirit, heart, thought or normal consciousness, and Laya, which translates to dissolving or merging. Manolaya is one goal of meditation:...

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Post • Punctum Images generate a photo-realistic CGI marble quarry with numerous backplates for the new compact SUV Škoda Karoq Scout for Škoda Auto and the agency Fallon Prague

14.11.2018 • With the new ŠKODA KAROQ SCOUT, ŠKODA is expanding the range of its successful compact SUV model with a version featuring even more off-road potential. Plastic elements protect the elegant body, both in the big city and off-road. GoSee member PUNCTUM IMAGES was commissioned to generate a marble quarry in CGI for the new campaign.

"One of our latest projects for Škoda Auto is a full CGI site of a marble quarry for presentation of the new Škoda Karoq. Our task was to create the whole environment of a quarry including all the infrastructure and machinery. To create a photo-realistic environment of a marble quarry, we had to start by understanding the technology and principles of marble mining.

Fortunately, there is a perfect place for this not far away from Prague. We went to the real quarries in Carrara. In just two days, we shot hundreds of photos. And our photogrammetry specialist scanned a vast amount of objects for further use in the model. With all the references and knowledge gained in Carara, we started to build the model including all the infrastructure, machinery...

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Post • RECOM POST and CGI for Mercedes A-Class Lifestyle & Studio, and RECOM works take home GOLD, SILVER, PUBLIC VOTING at the GoSeeAwards in the category Transportation

08.11.2018 • "We are proud to present the new A-Class campaign created together with ANTONI and Mercedes-Benz, for which we once again brought to the table our CGI and POST PRODUCTION expertise – with lifestyle in the hands of Tom Craig and photos shot in the studio by Carl Kleiner – with on-set support for both productions. The lifestyle campaign was just as much part of our portfolio as the Mercedes GrowUp campaign which we submitted to this year's GoseeAwards in the Transportation category – and we even took home GOLD!" says the RECOM team.

"Thanks for this award for us goes, of course, to everyone involved in the project, from the client Mercedes-Benz to the great team at antoni, to the brilliant art buyers but also to the two photo production teams as well as to photographers Tom and Carl – and last but not least to Mrs. Minaj!

Besides GOLD, SILVER went to Pascal Schonlau's Jaguar series for Attitude magazine (post production by RECOM), and the coveted PUBLIC VOTING award went to photographer duo BAM for their "Russenhocke" series, for which they also took care of POST PRODUCTION....

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Post • 'Welcome To The Candy Shop' Wagnerchic takes care of post production for the wonderful kids portrait series by Delia Baum

23.10.2018 • Visualized in an exaggerated manner in the photo series entitled "Welcome to the Candy Shop" by Delia Baum c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF – with which she also made it onto the shortlist of the GoSeeAWARDS2018 – is the desire of children for sweets. A feeling that we can all relate to was realized in a nutshell in this personal work. Post production was taken care of by Manuel Wagner from Wagnerchic, who also gave the motifs the right look. For a holistic and harmonious approach to the concept, Delia Baum cooperated closely with Berlin-based stylist Editha and hair & make-up artist Sutida Westwig.

“Wagnerchic has stood for high-end photo editing ever since 2007 – combining our excellent understanding of photography with many years of photographic expertise. High standards of quality, lots of tenacity and a positive mindset are what we bring to the table for the unique look of our clients. New image worlds, elaborate composings and post production – already on set, on location or in the studio – always promise the best result for...

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