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Production • LS PRODUCTIONS : Service Production & Location Scouting for MASSIMO DUTTI F/W 2017, Pringle of Scotland campaign, DAKS F/W production and UPDATE17BERLIN exhibitor

16.08.2017 • The team from LS PRODUCTIONS brings you on GoSee the latest campaign, for which they served as production partner or scouted the perfect locations. Like for MASSIMO DUTTI with Josh Olins (production/client: Bellhouse), PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND and DAKS. And this year once again, meet the LS PRODUCTIONS team at UPDATE17 in Berlin. "Production is in our DNA. We’re experts at producing TV commercials and episodes, stills advertising and fashion shoots across the UK, and know Scotland better than anyone. This experience – and growing size of our accomplished team – is why we’re now the largest Service Production Company in the UK."

LS PRODUCTIONS was on the job for the MASSIMO DUTTI Fall/Winter 2017 campaign (production: Bellhouse), which was photographed by Josh Olins with models McKenna Hellman, Victoria Schons and Tim Schuhmacher (styling: Marina Gallo, make-up: Maki Ryoke, hairstyling: Tomo Jidai). LS Productions was the service production company in charge and also scouted the locations. "Art director Andrew Wren collaborated with photographer Josh Olins to shoot Massimo Dutti's...

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Production • MARIPOSA PRODUCTION : Kids shoot for Planeroadstudios on black volcanic stone and MAX Fashion Dubai Summer campaign in Tenerife

16.08.2017 • Created with photographer Gero Meyerdierks, several talented children models and exciting props were these recordings. Black sand, stones that seem to come alive. The powerful and long waves breaking set the mood in the photos. A supermarket equipped with overhead light was also a backdrop for the little rascals (styling: Jill Kramer, hair & make-up: Claudia Creuels). MARIPOSA PRODUCTIONS guarateed smooth production on location.

Harry Vorsteher photographed the new summer campaign from MAX Fashion Dubai in Tenerife. MARIPOSA PRODUCTIONS took up the task of finding the right location for Ramadan fashion. Styling: Jenny Gold.

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Production • Pringle of Scotland campaign photographed by Harley Weir in the Scottish Highlands with support & locations from LS PRODUCTIONS

16.08.2017 • For the fashion client PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND and commissioned by photographer Harley Weir and Art Partner, LS PRODUCTIONS took care of service production and the locations: "Pringle's latest campaign was shot across a variety of epic locations in the Scottish Highlands. This road trip was our third shoot supporting photographer Harley Weir in Scotland," LS PRODUCTIONS tells GoSee. Creative Director was Christopher Simmonds, and models Lorna Foran, Niklas B and Mia Brammer were styled by Francesca Burns. Further info is available via LS PRODUCTIONS.

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Production • Family affairs - MAGROUND realizes the 'Spring Event' family get-together campaign of Japanese carmaker INFINITY

16.08.2017 • For the newest INFINITI family get-together campaign, MAGROUND recommended using the rooftops of high-rise buildings as the background for the luxurious cars, which have a fantastic view of sky scrapers. From dusk till dawn on MAGROUND.COM, you'll always find the perfect places in town.

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Production • Another day, another amazing location... DAKS Fall/Wimter campaign by photographer John Balsom with production & location support from LS PRODUCTIONS

16.08.2017 • Another day, another amazing location. LS PRODUCTIONS took care of production and location scouting for the Fall/Winter campaign for Icon London and fashion client DAKS. It was realized by Creative Director Paul Barry, photographer John Balsom and stylist Sam Graham-Ranger. "Daks F/W 2017 collection; a quintessentially stylish British luxury fashion house, breathtaking backdrops and a great team. What’s not to love!"

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Full Service Agency • freistil by ROLF BENZ - the living and accessories magazine with a high asthethic standard, supported by FASHION COMMUNICATIONS

09.08.2017 • As a full-service agency, FashionCommunications supports the brand freistil by ROLF BENZ and has been responsible for the magazines since the very first day. The photos of the furniture and accessories as well as of the protagonists (freethinkers) are created by Nick Larrett with photographer Benjakon and stylist Anca Munteanu, who contribute to the 'image' of the brand with their very special signature and unconventional high aesthetic standard. Freistil means not following strict rules, and the customers of freistil by ROLF BENZ take all creative freedom.

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Styling • Styling for fourth issue of the FUNNYTASTES series by Ann-Kathrin OBERMEYER c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

09.08.2017 • Funnytastes' fourth book is about the truth in our society. Imperfect is the new perfect. The message they want to send us is clear, but Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer conveys her own kind of beauty. With her perspective to create a quirkey sensuality which she combines with the innocence of youth. She tries to emphasize the importancy of imperfection and self acceptance.

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Hair & Make-up • Eight beauty portraits for DOUGLAS - hair & nails by Lena GEHRIG and make-up by Evangelos TZIMIKAS, both artists c/o FAME AGENCY Munich

31.07.2017 • Wilfried Wulff photographed beauty portraits for the successful perfume chain DOUGLAS. Thanks for the immaculate Skin Appeal in the motifs go to the skills of make-up artist Evangelos TZIMIKAS. Hair & nail support came from Lena GEHRIG, also c/o FAME AGENCY, Munich.

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