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Production • b>Continental Productions produces the ICICLE 'MADE IN EARTH' S/S '19 campaign, 'Earthman: Tubuan' with photographer Michal Pudelka and the Papua New Guinea Mask Festival of East New Britain

16.04.2019 • 'The universe is the cycle of life, from season to season, birth to rebirth' – goes the credo of ICICLE. CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS presents the latest campaign 'Earthman: Tubuan' for Chinese fashion label ICICLE that it produced with photographer Michal Pudelka. Creative responsibility was in the hands of CD Simone Bianconcini and Art Director Jean Pierre Busson.

'Starring models Heejung Park and Li Chen photographed by Michal Pudelka, the S/S '19 campaign embodies the MADE IN EARTH philosophy of ICICLE – a caring fashion approach in search of the harmony between humans and nature. Featured in this campaign, the Tolai tribes from Papua New Guinea witness another way to see the world, another way to inhabit the Earth. Through their dance and rituals, they create a dialogue between man and nature, appearing as the invisible thread from which ICICLE’s clothes are made. With special thanks to the Papua New Guinea Mask Festival of East New Britain for helping us discover ancient Tolai traditions.'

ICICLE’s philosophy is MADE IN EARTH, a caring fashion approach in search of the...

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Production • PRODUCTION BERLIN / LOS ANGELES produces the MANGO MAN S/S '19 CAMPAIGN, capturing the Californian summer including a bit of Hollywood spirit together with Patrick Schwarzenegger and Surfer Luke Stedman

06.04.2019 • 'For this year's menswear campaign, Mango takes you to always sunny Venice to present bold looks with a casual, chic and summery vibe. Patrick Schwarzenegger and Luke Stedman represent the style of California and the spirit of Hollywood – whether at the beach or just hanging out on the streets...' the Mango Man S/S 2019 campaign was photographed by Ben Weller in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. The production company was PRODUCTION BERLIN / LOS ANGELES. The campaign with actor and model Patrick Schwarzenegger as well as surfer Luke Stedman presents the style and savoir vivre of a modern man surfing at Venice Beach. DOP was Tom Shopler, Creative Director was Juan Carlos Díaz, and styling was in the hands of Laura Alcalde. Props came from Daniel Horowitz, and grooming was taken care of by Sunnie Brook.

Patrick Schwarzenegger was born and raised in Los Angeles and is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and journalist Maria Shriver. After appearing in 'Midnight Sun', he will also make appearances in further feature films this year.

Production Berlin is a full-service photo production...

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Production • 'Be the girl you Love!’ - PRODUCTION BERLIN produces for the GLAMOUR GERMANY March 2019 issue with Spanish beauty Mayka Merino in Paris

02.04.2019 • Rosaline Shahnavaz c/o TAKE AGENCY shoots model Mayka Merino for GLAMOUR Germany’s fashion editorial entitled ‘Be the Girl you Love!’. Set in a classic Parisian apartment and styled to encourage freedom of expression, Shahnavaz’s images perfectly capture Mayka and accentuate the styling’s androgynous tone. The photographic approach and striking lighting highlights the high-fashion clothing and compliments Mayka and her surroundings. Production by PRODUCTION BERLIN / PRODUCTION PARIS.

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Production • HelliVentures Filmproduktion presents 'Julie', a short film about French free-diver, dancer and filmmaker, Julie Gautier, on GoSee – premier at the International Ocean Film Tour Volume 6

25.03.2019 • Only very few people can do this: Dive under the icy cover of a frozen lake for minutes on end to take photos of magical beauty with the camera. Perform a graceful choreography underwater, follow humpback whales into the deep – without a scuba tank – or realize the enchanting underwater shots for a music clip from Beyoncé. Julie Gautier is the daughter of a spear fisherman and a dancer. She is an free-diver, director and has developed an entirely new way of filmmaking. She appeared in front of the camera for the first time in our "Julie" portrait, revealing both her strength and fragility," Joachim Hellinger from the production company HELLIVENTURES tells GoSee.

If you are born the daughter of a spear fisherman on the island of La Réunion, the sea is in your blood: Free-diver Julie Gautier is at home in the ocean. But her passion is creative work, filmmaking and dancing. In one-of-a-kind photos, Gautier masterfully combines dance and free-diving to create a very unique form of expression, like she has done in her music video "Running" for Beyoncé or in her films "Free Fall",...

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