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Production • CODELLO "the happiness brand" Fall/Winter 2019 campaign – styling: Katalin Kiss

05.06.2019 • CODELLO, the happiness brand, designed in Munich and made with love, has relied above all on one thing since 1980: Quality. It all started back in the 1920s when company founder and namesake Rinaldo Codello brought his passion for silk scarves from Italy with him to Germany. Ever since, the CODELLO fashion label has stood for amazing accessories with a heart full of attention to detail. Today, CODELLO sells a wide variety of highly fashionable foulards, scarves und accessories in around 50 countries at CODELLO's specialist and retail stores – not to mention its online shop.

The CODELLO Fall/Winter 2019 campaign was styled by KATALIN KISS. It was photographed on model Malaika Gerke by Jette STOLTE c/o MARLENE OHLSSON. Katalin Kiss is represented by the agency Phoenix. Production, art buying, casting, and coordination came from Bees'n Trees. GoSee :

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Production • CLOSED x CLEMENS SCHICK campaign with set styling & set design by NINA LEMM c/o Liganord

27.05.2019 • Liganord Artist Nina LEMM was in charge of set styling & set design for CLOSED x CLEMENS SCHICK. The celebrity collaboration of fashion label CLOSED with actor Clemens Schick was photographed by Mark Peckmezian. Creative Director was Christiane Bördner.

CLOSED : 'Just over ten years ago, Clemens Schick made the leap from theater to film, from security to freedom. Since then, he has played all sorts of roles, from a Bond baddie to a detective inspector. He is also politically active and always impeccably dressed. So what kind of guy is he? A brief conversation about everything...

Clemens Schick : I love the beauty of simple things. These are the aesthetics I appreciate and seek out: in nature, in the furnishings I choose and in my clothing. I like things to be more spartan than baroque. Minimalist white? No, there are always colors – Anglo-Saxon colors. ... Greys, beiges ... The colors you see in homes in the UK and America. But I don’t leave it at that: the lounge in my last apartment was painted completely black...' The entire interview is available via CLOSED, plus a...

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Production • NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS take care of content production for ECCO OUTDOOR S/S '19 in Barcelona 'Urban meets Outdoor'

22.05.2019 • NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS produce the latest Summer campaign in Spain for the client ECCO. 'We set off to Barcelona with our client Ecco Outdoor for the second round of productions together! We produced the SS19 collection highlights, true to the motto “Urban meets Outdoor”. The results can be seen online, and video content can be seen on Instagram.'

Production and casting were taken care of by NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS. It was shot by Lars SCHNEIDER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING, with assistance from Martin Sass. Videographer was Julian Weber, Klabautermann-Images, and hair & make-up came from Sina Stoelzle (Uschi Rabe) with styling by Lotta Katrine Meyer.

'Nature is our inspiration. Modern functionality and an honest use of materials are our design philosophy. Our dream is to create shoes each version of which is a very own version of our natural motion philosophy – unique for every foot,' the company on its philosophy.

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