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Production • 'Together we thrive!' MANA MEDIA GROUP produces the worldwide HSBC's Global Airports & Brand Relaunch Campaign in cooperation with Saatchi & Saatchi London

14.08.2018 • MANA presents on GoSee the visually stunning campaign for the HSBC Global Airports & Brand Relaunch for Saatchi & Saatchi: 'MANA were excited to partner again with our friends at Saatchi & Saatchi to create the prestigious HSBC global airport & brand relaunch.

HSBC’s most ambitious and unprecedented OOH campaign to date promotes its new brand promise 'Together we thrive’ and is the brand’s first complete refresh in 3 years. A series of 79 different creative executions, viewed through the lens of HSBC's iconic hexagon, tell of HSBC’s trade, education, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability stories.

Layouts, often amplified in triptychs, are being rolled out simultaneously all over the world - including airports like Heathrow, L.A., Dubai, Beijing – covering 1,500 jet bridges and 94km of passenger walkways (or the equivalent of 846 football fields). In contrast to previous years, travelers are now also engaged throughout their journey with multichannel output and DOOH screens linking to apps on travelers’ smartphones. HSBC estimates the ads will be seen by 900 million...

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Production • First Productions, Cape Town, produces the WEB EYE WEAR campaign with photographer Carlo Miari Fulcis, WALDER SHOES with Yves Bachmann – and is looking forward to the South African Summer Season 2018/19

10.08.2018 • FIRST PRODUCTIONS supported the WEB EYE WEAR campaign photographed by Carlo Miari Fulcis in South Africa. And the Swiss client WALDER SCHUHE, which presents a broad assortment of internationally known shoe brands, called for production in Cape Town. Photos were shot by Yves Bachmann c/o Visual Eyes International in the production by FIRST PRODUCTIONS with Producer Melanie Bold.

Melanie Bold tells GoSee : "First Productions is ready for the South African summer season 2018/19. With fantastic rainfall over the winter months, Cape Town is back to business as usual. The dams and lakes are full, and we no longer have the water issues which we suffered last season. Coupled with changes in visa laws, Cape Town is now as appealing for your upcoming photographic and film productions as ever! First Productions is busy sourcing new locations to add to its database, so please pop us an email if you would like to receive a presentation customized to your requirements. We are also offering other destinations in South Africa, such as Durban and Johannesburg to give our clients even more...

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Production • NU PROJECTS : OLSEN campaign for Loved GmbH, Tom Tailor & Tom Tailor Denim 'SAY YES' campaign S/S 2018 in Gran Canaria, 'Racing Spread' shoot for Wempe magazine in Cape Town

06.08.2018 • For the latest OLSEN campaign, NU PROJECTS took care of production and casting. Three strong women of different ages, who stand for friendship, self-confidence and experience, were staged by internationally acclaimed photographer Marcus Jans. In charge of styling was Sophia Costima, with hair & make-up by Spiri Fountoglou. The campaign was photographed and produced in a Hamburg studio on commission for Loved Gmbh. RETOUCHED STUDIOS took care of post production.

Inspired by the trends of international fashion shows, the OLSEN design team develops sophisticated styles which underscore the zeitgeist in an extraordinary manner. This marked the beginning of a typical Olsen look, inspiring buyers and customers again and again season for season. The collection film is available via OLSEN. We have the motifs here on GoSee, and several more projects are available directly via NU PROJECTS.

The TOM TAILOR Group continues the SAY YES campaign. This year's Tom Tailor & Tom Tailor Denim Spring & Summer campaign was shot by Jana Gerberding c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER in Gran Canaria. NU...

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Production • The Tom Tailor & Tom Tailor Denim S/S 2018 campaigns, produced by NU PROJECTS in Gran Canaria

05.08.2018 • The TOM TAILOR Group continues the SAY YES campaign. This year's Tom Tailor & Tom Tailor Denim Spring & Summer campaigns were shot by Jana Gerberding c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER in Gran Canaria. NU PROJECTS was also on the Canary Island as production company (post prod: ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS).

"In times when people are looking for answers, we want to help preserve a positive take on the world by focusing on the happy moments of life. In the Spring & Summer campaign, we celebrate these positive moments and show what can be done with just a bit of courage. And we also demonstrate the courage to do so, present the naked facts and lots of emotions instead of only colorful and casual collections," says Dr. Maik Kleinschmidt, Vice President of Digitization at TOM TAILOR Holding SE.

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Production • HANNE EVANS PRODUCTION SERVICES : 'What is your first Movement?' – SMART Be First campaign with four commercials for fischerAppelt play GmbH

02.08.2018 • HANNE EVANS PRODUCTION SERVICES supported the production of the SMART 'BE FIRST' campaign with food blogger Claudia, street musician Frederik Konradsen, fashion designer Gaelle Constantini and street artist Bordalo II.

The videos were realized by Director/CD Björn Fischer, Exec Creative Director Match Herceg, Producer David Friedrich and Production Assistant Jonathan Tenhunen, Research: Caro Jung, DoP: Frederick Gomoll, 1st AC: Nils Gabelgaard, Gaffer: Oliver Leinhos, Best Boy: Daniel Uebel, Service Producer: Hanne Evans, Back Office: Fanny Barnoin, Location Manager: Stephane Martel, Asst Loc. Manager: Toni Karkalar, Asst. Loc. Manager: Philippe Gesta, Location Scouts: Corinne Dacomo, Daniel Dacomo, Production Assistants: Christophe Riso, Robin Hec, Facilities Manager: Etienne Olchewsky, Casting Director: Jacques Emmanuel Astor, Wardrobe: Gigi Cazes, Wardrobe Asst.: Pascale Rodi, Hair & Make-up: Barbara Krief, Sandra Lovi, Car Technician: Christophe Staak, Car Cleaner: Toni Iannone, Talent: Frederik Konradsen, Edit: Milos Savic, Grading: Lukas Frontzek, Mix/Sound design:...

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Hair & Make-up • Above the rooftops of Berlin and Hamburg – personal work by Kerstin HOFFMANN c/o BASICS Berlin

02.08.2018 • BASICS Berlin presents the new project of visagist Kerstin HOFFMANN c/o BASICS Berlin and Bob Leinders. The film, which was staged above the rooftops of Hamburg & Berlin, will be shot in sequences and finished this fall. GoSee gives you a little insight into the project or the portfolio of Kerstin HOFFMANN.

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FOOD STYLING • 'I am always trying to find the better picture, the better recipe, the better product...' foodstylist, cook and traveler Lukas Grossmann now at AGENTUR ROUGE

02.08.2018 • Foodstylist Lukas Grossmann can now be booked via AGENTUR ROUGE. After attending culinary school in Hamburg, Lukas Großmann worked as an intern, e.g. at 3-star restaurant Aqua in Wolfsburg and in the test kitchen of Essen & Trinken. Then he worked on a farm in Namibia and at Markthalle 9 in Berlin, where he now lives. Long stays in Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia enabled him to expand his culinary craft which he uses today as a freelance cook, recipe author and foodstylist.

Just recently published at Christian Publishing was the Jewish cookbook entitled 'Masel Tov!' with 50 creative recipes (photo & styling: Maria Grossmann & Monika Schuerle).

"I am a freelance foodstylist & recipe writer working in Berlin, Hamburg or wherever it’s needed. As a foodie, I am passionate about the perfect product, creative creations and new tastes. As a trained chef, I work in an organized and clean fashion. I’m experienced in many styles of cooking, and like to get things done. As an open-minded person, I like to travel. Japan, India, Australia, Southeast Asia or Africa influence me and...

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Production • 7 Seas Productions : HERMES SAYS TAKE ME TO CUBA - Photographer and Director Jack Davison realized the Hermès S/S '18 campaign with the producer team from Christian Bengsch in Cuba

26.07.2018 • For over 19 years, the crew at Take Me To Cuba has been aptly doing just that, taking clients to Cuba and getting “the shot”. Take Me To Cuba is the localized arm of the international 7 Seas Productions team who have been running a well-oiled operation and specializing in fashion campaign and editorial productions. As you can imagine, there are a few customs and visa processes to consider when traveling into Havana so it's always a benefit having a team on-the-ground who speak “Cuban”.

Most recently, the TMTC team was asked to manage all local production needs for the latest S/S '18 Hermès campaign, in a co-production with Blue Sand - Paris. Not a bad call to receive one Monday morning. In total, the crew count reached just under 40 for the shoot, and it was spread across multiple locations in Havana throughout the week. British sensation, Jack Davison, was the man behind the lens on this shoot.

Take Me To Cuba
know a thing or two about fashion. Just ask Bloomingdales, Cosmopolitan and JP Boden who have also been to Cuba with the TMTC crew. Send the guys an email today...

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Production • Prinz Productions : s.Oliver Red & Black campaign with model Karolina Kurkova in Portugal, s.Oliver QS campaign in Cape Town, Deichmann Production for Grey Düsseldorf in South Africa

24.07.2018 • PRINZ PRODUCTIONS supported a DEICHMANN campaign which was photographed by Detlef Schneider against an urban backdrop (photo agency: Kathrin Hohberg) for Grey Düsseldorf in Cape Town. We have the result for you here on GoSee.

PRINZ PRODUCTIONS worked hand in hand with Berlin-based agency PROFASHIONAL for the Spring campaign of brands s.Oliver RED LABEL and s.Oliver BLACK LABEL. Realized in Lisbon – the second branch of PRINZ PRODUCTIONS besides Cape Town – were campaign motifs, social media, e-shop content & image films, for which super model Karolina Kurkova was once again the face of the s.Oliver BLACK LABEL campaign. Photos were shot by Sven Baenziger, Creative Director was Ronald Kloiber; we have the result on GoSee. Several inspiring locations in Portugal but also some to dream about are available via PRINZ PRODUCTIONS.

In Cape Town, PRINZ PRODUCTIONS supported the shoot for s.Oliver QS with photographer Guy Lowndes and Germany's Next Top Model winner Stefanie Giessinger in front of the camera.

For 20 years, Sebastian Prinz and his team has realized international...

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Production • PRODUCTION BERLIN : S MODA fashion shoot with EDITA VILKEVICIUTE and fashion photographer Marcus Ohlsson in Berlin

24.07.2018 • PRODUCTION BERLIN supported a shoot for S MODA with EDITA VILKEVICIUTE. The model from Lithuania is a fresh new Berlin resident and now lives in the German metropolis with her husband. She recently appeared in the Michael Kors perfume campaign entitled "Sexy Ruby" and has now stood in front of the camera of Marcus Ohlsson in Berlin, who is represented by GoSee member LUNDLUND. GABRIELLE Theurer c/o BASICS was in charge of the immaculate look of the congenial model, and styling was taken care of by Francesca Rinciari.

Production Berlin is a full-service photo production company based in Berlin, Paris, London and Los Angeles with a focus on fashion advertising and editorials. In constant search of fascinating places, our small teams realize productions on site worldwide. This way, we are able to implement the same standard of service for your project – regardless of its geographical location and other challenges.

Unmistakable locations, perfect casting, exact planning and flexible coordination in accordance with the creative process are what we offer to turn your vision into...

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