16.03.2017  •  Production NEWS


'Very British' - new image motifs and film for MINI with stylist Irina SKLADKOWSKI and set designer Arndt VON HOFF, both c/o LIGANORD for Jung von Matt and photographer / Regisseur Emir HAVERIC



Director: Emir Haveric c/o Klein Photographen
DOP: Javier Molina
Client: Mini / Anita Skocic
Production: SONDA Productions Barcelona
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt / Spree
Creative Director: Christian Woelky
Styling: Irina Skladkowski c/o Liganord Hamburg/Berlin

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Very British – the new image motifs and image film for MINI by photographer and Director Emir HAVERIC c/o GoSee member KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN.. Stylist on set was Irina SKLADKOWSKI. Arndt VON HOFF decked the garage/workshop scenes with the perfect retro look. The executive agency was Jung von Matt with Spree CD Christian Woelky. Casting and art buying was handled by GoSee member SOLOMON I WINTER. Head of production was Sonda Barcelona. DOP was Javier Molina. We have the motifs and film for you here on GoSee.