27.08.2011  •  Production NEWS


HMS AGENCY •  21 Agency : on board Air Berlin for BORDBAR, in Kranzbach for BRIGITTE VON BOCH LIVING magazine and free series

A cooperation between design think-tank BORDBAR and Airberlin resulted in the creation of very creative airplane trolleys, which will join the airline on its flights. Photographer Achim Hehn captured the accompanying ‘trolley dollies’ looking equally as flashy thanks to hair & make-up artist Anne-Lena COX’s skills.

The Bordbar trolleys will be part of the on-flight equipment until the end of October and travel all over the world. Afterwards, they will be returned to the Bordbar workshop in Cologne, where they will be brushed up and rereleased onto the market – collector's items just in time for Christmas.

The Bordbar Design GmbH was founded by designer Stephan Boltz in 2006. He and his partner Valentin Hartmann have been running the business together since 2008. The company is based in Cologne and disposes of an international distribution network with approximately 220 business partners.

About 130 trolleys are produced every month. The majority of products are distributed through furniture stores all over the world. The Bordbar silver Edition was awarded a Reddot Product Design Award in 2011.

British aristocrat Mary Isabel Portman built the castle of her dreams high up in the Bavarian alps early in the 19th century.

Nowadays, the location is home to the Kranzbach, a hotel and authentic Alpine wellness retreat of the highest quality, which was built as the spiritual successor to the late aristocrat's sophisticated philosophy and taste.

Stylist Elke NEHRING took lent her skills to a BRIGITTE VON BOCH LIVING magazine production, supervised by Ute Laatz. Photographer Jochen ARNDT c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS made sure to capture the radiance of both the hotel and model Isabell c/o GoSee member TUNE MODELS.

The beach series is the result of a creative symbiosis between stylist & fashion designer Susanne MARX and the photographer Björn Giesbrecht.

Finally, stylist Connie NEUHAUSER created the easy going, laid back looks for a production by fashion & stills photographer Marco Reufzaat.