17.03.2012  •  Production NEWS


HMS AGENCY •  Agentur Rouge : 5EVER jewellery, SANOVA PHARMA, IDEAL and SLAVE magazine, poker star Katja Thater and personal work

Make-up artist Ele KITTEL worked on the pink cover image for 5EVER jewellery. Judith Häusler photographed the motif.

Vanessa Di MATTEO was in charge of hair & make-up for the freelance beauty production 'My personal Jesus', which we are pleased to showcase here on GoSee. Julia Schwendner photographed model Sonja Wohlmut.

Furthermore, Tu Anh NGO perfected the styling of the 'A state of Ambiguity' production. Carsten Witte photographed model Lina Ulrich. The editorial was published in the fifth issue of SLAVE magazine.

Petra HEUER styled two ad motifs for SANOVA PHARMA. denken hilft! agentur für durchdachte kommunikation gmbh commissioned Alfred Pfeifer to photograph the motifs.

GoSee is delighted to showcase a beauty series by Anja el SAWAF, photographed by Kathrin Müller-Hefter.

Vanessa Di MATTEO was booked for make-up in a production with Katja Thater, one of the world's most successful female poker players.

She discovered her passion and talent for the game more or less by accident in the late 1990s, when her husband asked her to take his place on a short notice. Oliver Reetz photographed her for IDEAL magazine.