01.03.2009  •  Production NEWS


HAIR & MAKE-UP •  Close up : with powder and brushes for VOGUE PELLE, AMICA, MYSELF, BRIGITTE, MADAME, BUNTE, ...

Greg Lotus photographed a homage to the old masters for VOGUE PELLE Italy 1/09. The make-up was applied ingeniously by LONI Baur.

How can you recognise the signs of first class teamwork? Its simple, just check if hair and make-up artist KARIM Amerchih and photographer Dirk MESSNER c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN were on the set. See the evidence in the February issue of AMICA.

KARIM demonstrated his hair and make-up skills in the February issue of MYSELF.

LONI Baur applied the make-up for a shoot titled "C'est l’accessoire qui fait la mode" in TUSH Spring/Summer 2009.

"Best of Britain" - best of GIOVANNI Rivas. He applied the reserved, yet modish Brit-chic look for O.K. MAGAZINE.

EVA Hennings shows how less is more in the February issue of BRIGITTE.

The team experienced some magical moments during a MADAME production. The skin was aglow and presented perfect make-up, as applied by SIDSEL Marie Bøg.

KARIN Gade's magic touch gave an ethereal glow to Carola Wied’s BUNTE shoot.

SANDRA Schütz und LENA Petersen whisked up some special effects for JOY magazine. Bob Leinders captured the metallic effects on his camera.

Moritz Bleibtreu is the Man of the Year 2008! As photographed by Thomas Rusch for GQ and powdered by Loni.