01.08.2011  •  Production NEWS


STOCK •  Corbis : takes over Splash News and is now a leading provider of VIP photography

Corbis Images has acquired Splash News for an undisclosed amount. The Los Angeles-based company provides the world’s leading entertainment print, online and broadcast media outlets with photography and video content of the most famous people on earth.

Since its founding in 1990, Splash News has established its ranking as a leading provider of exclusive and burning hot news to the world of entertainment. The company continues to experience rapid growth as demand for candid celebrity content increases. Splash works with over 3,000 active photographers worldwide in entertainment hubs throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Splash’s market-leading offering of star photography extends Corbis’ extensive collection of exclusive portraiture, red carpet and archival entertainment content. Corbis will now provide the industry’s best solution for clients demanding an elaborate selection of entertainment options.

“With the addition of Splash, Corbis will provide our customers the most comprehensive, unique and differentiated offering in the high-growth entertainment sector — from candid celebrity to high-end portraiture to motion,” said Gary Shenk, CEO of Corbis. “Splash photographers consistently capture the most significant celebrity stories around the globe, ahead of the competition. With Corbis’ global sales organisation and web platform, we look forward to aggressively expanding the reach of this high-quality offering to our customers worldwide.”

“We are thrilled to join Corbis and will continue to do what we do best – deliver the authentic, breaking content that connects the media with its audience. We look forward to providing Corbis’ customers real-time entertainment content to support their business growth and providing our global network of photographers the ability to expand beyond their current reach through Corbis’ global footprint,” said Gary Morgan, CEO, Splash.

The best entertainment providers including; TMZ, the E-News Network and the New York Post regularly feature splash photos! The company has delivered some of the industry’s largest stroies and scandals including; Sandra Bullock’s first public appearance with her newly adopted son, the first images of Michael Jackson’s first child, blonde bombshell Anna Nicole Smith’s death in 2007 and Tiger Woods’ affair in 2009.