23.05.2012  •  Production NEWS


STOCK  •  Link Image : the Swedish stock agency and the magic of Casablanca, the charm of American suburbia, wild horses, Andy Warhol portrait and the wild romantic charm of Central Park

Landscape and documentary photographer Felix ODELL presents his very personal perspective on Morocco. He and his camera roamed the backstage areas of Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco and the economic network of the country at the same time. He photographed people in their natural habitat, on bazaars and in back alleys, far away from the luxury resorts and tourist hotspots.

Gerry Johansson, born in Sweden, 1945 is renowned for his black & white landscapes and streetscapes. He has photographed suburban dwellings in Michigan, USA (amongst others). These slightly melancholic images were published in the book 'Pontiac' in 2010. Indeed, several books full of his photographs of American architecture have been published. LinkImage presents a selection of his works here on GoSee.

Björn ELLER, one of the major players in traditional Swedish photography, captured horses in their natural surroundings for the LinkImage picture pool.

Ever since the late sixties, Hans GEDDA has been the Swedish poster boy when it comes to traditional portrait photography. You can find his portrait of Andy Warhol (1977) or Nelson Mandela’s portrait, taken just after his release from prison and many more photographs of famous contemporaries at LinkImage.

Fashion photographer Carl Bengtsson grabbed his camera and captured romantic shots of Central Park.