12.02.2010  •  Production NEWS


STUDIO •  NEW : Deforthstudios, Frankfurt

Frankfurt-based photographer Sascha Deforth’s Deforthstudios are a new addition to GoSee. Following a brief interval in Düsseldorf, the Frankfurt-born photographer returned to his hometown to open his large studio.

Sascha’s six years of experience as a freelance photographer, as well as plenty of support given from old and new friends, business contacts and acquaintances provided all the help he needed in setting up the space.

A total of 560 m2 are on offer, divided into 4 studio areas, ceilings measuring 4 metres in height, up to 17 metres in length, consultation areas and a kitchen.

The studio can provide up to 8 workspaces for still productions or 4 parallel people/fashion areas for catalogue shoots.

The first productions have already been successfully completed – GoSee presents a preview. Further information on the STUDIO is available online.

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