18.08.2010  •  Production NEWS


PHOTO STUDIO •  Superstudio : TV chef Tim Mälzer for DEUTSCHE BAHN's African charity project, as well as the latest BUGATTI menswear looks

Tim Mälzer, will be the seventh recipe provider to take part in the DEUTSCHE BAHN’s 12 month ‘TV Chefs dish up’ programme. Timmo SCHREIBER c/o TAKE AGENCY shot the pop star of German TV chefs at Superstudio.

During the charity event, 50 cent from each dish sold will be donated to the ‘Spitzenköche für Afrika’ (top chefs for Africa) aid organisation. Mälzer developed the following three recipes: beef roulade with figs and lemon basil mash, pea soup with sausages and Tim’s Bolognese with luxury tagliatelle.

The German rail company DEUTSCHE BAHN will support the project until January 2011. Bon Appetit !

Superstudio was the location of choice for photographer Daniel Cramer’s latest BUGATTI menswear collection shoot.