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Production • JPPS Creative Productions produce the OLYMP campaign in Malibu with Mario Schmolka c/o Sonja Heintschel and actor Gerard Butler for BSS Brand Communication

15.07.2019 • “Sunny Los Angeles was the destination for the OLYMP S/S campaign with Hollywood actor Gerard Butler. The shoot took place in Malibu with photographer Mario Schmolka c/o Sonja Heintschel. The 35-member crew included Gerard's agent, assistant, driver, security & even Gerard's dog Shushka. JPPS was commissioned by BSS Brand Communication to produce the high-profile production,” says the production company based in Paris.

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PAPER CRAFT • 'Peace, Love & Ice Cream' - paper props for TOMMY HILFIGER SP19 KIDS by Cris WIEGANDT c/o COSMOPOLA & new showreel on GoSee

09.07.2019 • For TOMMY HILFIGER SP19 KIDS “Kids rule, OK!”, Cris WIEGANDT c/o COSMOPOLA created paper props which were photographed by Tim Marsella (casting: Hip4Kidz, styling: Camille Lemasson, hair & make-up: Ingrid Boekel, Producer: Marice Hanraets). “As activism is very à la mode these days, I was asked to create a ‘Tiny Protest’: colorful protest signs, a giant donut and a beautifully crafted paper megaphone were all part of the set.” Plus, we present their new showreel here on GoSee.

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Production • 'Into the Azure Blue' - animation & paper craft project by CRIZILLA DELASEY c/o COSMOPOLA

09.07.2019 • COSMOPOLA artists Cris WIEGANDT and Lacy BARRY teamed up to realize the underwater project 'Into the Azure'. Their little submarine embarks on a journey into the unknown and mysterious azure world. The work was created in collaboration with @colorplan_papers & @paperartistcollective (concept by @crizilla_delasey, artwork by @lacy_barry and @criswiegandt, with animation by Cris Wiegandt).

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