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Shop • Wolfhard Koeppe, Niels Patrick Geisselbrecht, MA-Photography ... new photographers have recently opened their GoSeeSHOP, and a first selection of ARTWORK is already online

24.04.2019 • Wolfhard Koeppe, Niels Patrick Geisselbrecht, MA-Photography ... Transportation to fashion or even architecture is the breadth and depth of the three photographers who have recently opened their GoSeSHOP. The principle is quite simple: GoSee provides the PLATFORM; you do the rest yourself.

Price, usage, digital or print, editions, sizes – can all be set by you via your GoSeeACCOUNT. And the best part: PURCHASE is only possible with your consent. Everyone with a GoSeeACCOUNT can open one (register free of charge). If you have any questions, please contact us under:

ABOUT - GOSEE SHOP now offers you the opportunity to buy and sell works in the GoSee Shops of our members – whether photography, illustrations, art, books, … for editorials, campaigns, your office, your store or at home: GO & BUY the artwork of your dreams either as a digital download, print product or even as a fine art print. With each purchase, you support the selling artist and – who knows – will perhaps start your art collector’s career. GoSee.SHOP

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Shop • Model Sara Nuru for LANA GROSSA Spring/Summer 2019 photographed by Sabrina Theissen - make-up: Saskia KRAUSE c/o BASICS.BERLIN

15.04.2019 • When you think of knitting, summer isn't necessarily what comes to mins – but the brand LANA GROSSA wants to change that and focuses in 2019 on urbanity. You don't always have to spend the summer on the ocean and what city could be better than Berlin? Berlin is connected with 24-hour party stores and friends, climbing into the Badeschiff pool in the morning or going for a swim in Kreuzberg swimming pools at night. The styles to go with the vibe can be found at Lana Grossa. The airy-light hair & make-up for the lookbook shoot came from Saskia KRAUSE c/o BASICS.BERLIN. Photos: Sabrina Theissen. GoSee:

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Shop • SUMAK, the cookbook by Anas Atassi - styling by Maaike KOORMAN c/o STILLSTARS

13.04.2019 • Stylist Maaike KOORMAN c/o STILLSTARS provided the needed authenticity for author Anas Atassi, whose cookbook "Sumak" was a personal voyage through family stories and recipes from his Syrian heritage. Photos: Jeroen van der Spek. GoSee:

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Shop • EDITION LAMMERHUBER: In ORT DER VERHEISSUNG, photographer Jakob Schnetz documents expo center Germany from an analytical and artistic perspective

06.04.2019 • 2 750 000 square meters of exhibition space, 23 000 000 000 euros turnover, 10 million visitors, more than 170 supra-regional fairs a year – Germany is the world’s major location for fairs. “What was published here as a compact series is the result of a photographic approach to the abstract theme of the "market" shown with the example of the trade fair and the search for photographic means of voicing critique. This process was a continuous companion during my studies of photography from 2013 to 2017 at the University of Hannover, located in the immediate vicinity of the largest exhibition center in the world," Jakob Schnetz tells us about his photo project.

In ORT DER VERHEISSUNG, photographer Jakob Schnetz turns his analytical and artistic gaze towards this very special exterritorial world.

“Marketing is worshipping the customer”, says Swiss trend researcher David Bosshart. Expressed in numbers, this means that the largest cathedrals to the world of goods are located in Germany: Across 2 750 000 m2 of trade fair halls, the latest products are presented, the most efficient...

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