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Shop • GoSee Tip : 'Buchwelten' – from herbaria and herb books to book objects made of wood. An exhibition at the Museum Sinclair-Haus and the catalog for it from Kerber Publishing

23.10.2017 • For the exhibition titled 'Buchwelten', which translates to book worlds, in Museum Sinclair-Haus, Bad Homburg, Kerber Publishing presents a catalog which deals with the book as an artistic medium : "Contemporary artists who examine nature and landscape in their work again and again focus on the book as a form of expression. Landscapes are composed from written pages and book objects are created from natural materials. Written-down myths of becoming nature and becoming human, herbaria—and books on herbs attempt to grasp the phenomena. Many visual artists take up the book as a medium—specifically also in connection with the big topic of nature.

Found alongside the works of Anselm Kiefer or Lori Nix are also the delicate books of Su Blackwell. "Paper has been used for communication since its invention; either between humans or in an attempt to communicate with the spirit world. Su employs this delicate, accessible medium and uses irreversible, destructive processes to reflect on the precariousness of the world we inhabit and the fragility of our life, dreams and ambitions. Su...

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Shop • Photographer Thomas Mocka whisks you away to the mysterious world of the Sumo wrestler; we have the story behind the photographs for you on GoSee.Shop

19.10.2017 • Berlin-based photographer Thomas Mocka now offers you his latest Sumo works in his GoSeeSHOP. The interesting work certainly caught our eye, and we were curious about the stories behind the photos. Here is our GoSee QUEST:

Where was the spread shot? On a visit to Japan, a Japanese girlfriend called the local Sumo Dojo for me to ask if I could stop by during training. I have to admit, I was somewhat nervous. I had secretly hoped that she would come along, since I do not speak Japanese. But she had to do what all Japanese do most that day: work.

And were you nervous? As an outsider and with no knowledge of the Japanese language, it did make me a bit nervous. Japan is a country full of unwritten rules for behavior, which are often not intuitive to a stranger, and I did not want to come across as the rude ignorant foreigner. I went to the training room early in the morning before the agreed time – and I realized that I was indeed late. Training had already begun.

You mentioned the rules of behavior – what was your first mistake? The first mistake I made was trying to enter...

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Shop • GoSee Art Tip : 21ST CENTURY WOMAN - photographer SUSANNE JUNKER presents her artist book with photographs, performance art und texts as an interplay of identity, feminism and beauty... available in the GoSeeSHOP

19.10.2017 • Paris resident photographer and artist Susanne Junker presents with 21ST CENTURY WOMAN a kind of personal diary. She began it in 2016 at Shoebox Studio in Paris and finished in March 2017 when the small studio in the Bastille closed. The book was published by Journal of Culture, a publishing company of Julia Scorna from Leipzig. Here on GoSee, we give you a bit of insight into the book, which can also be ordered as a limited and signed edition directly in her GoSeeSHOP. 10% of the proceeds from the book go to ONE SKY FOR ALL CHILDREN, an institution Susanne has supported for quite some time with all her heart.

We wanted to know the whole story behind the SHOEBOX. Susanne explains: "In 2016, I returned to Paris, after living in Shanghai for many years, and I was urgently looking for a work space. About 15 years before, I helped my friend Stéphane Coutelle to clear out a studio he had just rented close to Place de la Republique in Paris. The small room, hidden all the way back of an old building, was then, so it seemed, an illegal brothel. The space was divided into three...

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Shop • The STOCKHOLM GAS spot featuring smart Swedish chef de cuisine Tommy Myllymäki and the mutual lunch box - DOP Robert ANDERSSON c/o CAMERALINK

17.10.2017 • STOCKHOLGAS teamed up with chef de cuisine Tommy Myllymäki to produce their own food box dedicated to the local cuisine. The box contains a three-course menu for two people to make for themselves – with a starter, a main course and a dessert. And the preparation is rather the opposite of simple and comfortable because Tommy gives you three challenging tasks. The recipes are intended for a gas stove, but if you have a different kind of stove, you can still make the dishes of course – but it makes it even more difficult. The crate can be ordered from Stockholm Gas and then picked up at the Stockholm food market in Sturegallerian. Please remember that some of the items are fresh, so do plan ahead! DOP for the spot and the delicious campaign was Robert ANDERSSON c/o CAMERALINK. The box costs 590 kr and is available here:

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Shop • Swedish steel meets German engineering : the OVVO OPTICS 2017 campaign, photographed by AVA PIVOT in New York

08.10.2017 • In 2015, she was photographed by Jingna Zhang, in 2016 by Greg Lotus, and this year, it was AVA PIVOT's turn to realize the OVVO OPTICS campaign in New York.

“I got the chance to reinterpret the brand with my own vision and, at the same time, I enjoyed working with the familiar two faces from all previous OVVO campaigns,” photographer AVA PIVOT tells GoSee. We have the result for you right here. Hair, make-up & hair color: Luca Cianciolo, retouch: Kushtrim Kunushevci.

About - OVVO Optics has been present in the U.S. since March 2011. Its history, however, goes back to Europe of the Cold War era. That’s when a group of scientists, who were working on developing a material for spacecraft and military use, fused surgical steel and titanium, achieving an exceptionally light, durable and flexible material that is also hypoallergenic. Inspired by its remarkable qualities, in 1980 the engineers of the company started using this unique composite to make frames for glasses.

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Shop • GOSEE SHOP – Grand Opening ! The official launch took place at UPDATE17BERLIN on 6 OCTOBER 2017 !

28.09.2017 • We present you the landing page of our GoSee SHOP service. Photographers and creatives can now sell their works in the GoSee SHOP. Whether for editorials, advertising or private use – as a digital download, print product or even fine art print. The best part: Buyers send a purchase request first, then the usage rights are clarified, and finally – only after the seller agrees – the purchase is elegantly processed by GoSee. Have a look around the shop; we will be sure to report on our SHOP artists in our GoSee NEWS from time to time as well as about how the SHOP is growing. Go & See the

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Shop • The LOUBOUTIN F/W 2017-18 entices with funky 70s style - produced by PRODUCTION BERLIN, photos: BILLY & HELLS

26.09.2017 • For the global brand LOUBOUTIN and the F/W 2017-18 lookbook, creative photographer duo BILLY & HELLS c/o MARLENE OHLSSON created a 70s funk-inspired world all about shoes. They were supported by set designer Christian Kleemann who skillfully brought the flair of the Paris-based star shoe designer to Berlin. "Suggestive of lively and playful seduction, the imagery focusses on the models’ bodies and the interactions between them." the responsible production company PRODUCTION BERLIN tells GoSee. See for yourself !

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Shop • GoSee Tip : 'Milli Bau – Seidenstrasse'. With a VW Van on the Silk Road, Milli Bau's journey shows almost 20 years of cultural and contemporary history in a book which just appeared at KERBER Publishing

12.09.2017 • In 1956, journalist and photographer Milli Bau embarked on a journey to explore the countries of the Silk Road traveling in a VW T1 bus converted into a house on wheels. It was not until 1974 that she returned to Germany after spending longer periods of time in Iran and China – taking home with her countless texts, objects, and more than 15,000 photographs.

Her journey took the following incredible course: It began with a boat trip on the 1st of January, 1956, from Hamburg to Beirut and continued by van along the old Silk Road to Xian (China). She traveled to Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal until she reached China. Milli Bau spent a longer period of time in some locations but only passed through others.

The tales of her journey are accompanied by photographs which she took with a twin lens Rolleiflex. Holding the camera in front of her belly, she portrayed her subjects up close to achieve a proximity and, by doing so, a particular intimacy characteristic of her photographs. Diary notes along with...

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