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Shop • Full of surprises, fresh and pleasantly familiar. EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents 'Paris/NYC' – award-winning photographer David Bacher sheds an entirely new light on the two cities of New York and Paris

08.10.2019 • Over the past 15 years, award-winning American-Austrian photographer David Bacher has roamed the streets of Paris and New York City, always on the lookout for unexpected moments that capture the soul of both cities. The book is a kind of treasure hunt, where viewers can discover and interpret Paris and New York in amusing, yet reflective, ways. The images often mirror each other, and just as often, it is not immediately clear in which city a photograph was taken.

Carole Naggar’s introduction describes David Bacher’s approach, rooted in the tradition of many classic street photographers who have worked in Paris and New York City. She compares his work with William Klein, Henri Cartier Bresson, Elliot Erwitt and others.

The photographer on the project : “Paris and New York are like stage sets with actors and actresses on every street corner who don’t have set roles. I somehow find myself trying to organize this chaotic beauty of everyday life into pictures. The challenge is to photograph in a way that documents, deconstructs, and poses questions in a single image. Sometimes...

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Shop • PHOTODARIUM Classic 2020 – The world’s first and only instant-photography-tear-off-calendar; we have an exclusive preview for you on GoSee

01.10.2019 • PHOTODARIUM is appearing now for the third time and will delight us again every day in 2020 with an instant photo and its own little story. The high-quality tear-off-calendar presents artistic and intimate snap shots by 366 well-known photographers and newcomers, by professionals and Polaroid fans all around the world.

The front of each calendar page shows an analogue Polaroid photo printed in the original size with a special lacquer finish for an authentic Polaroid look & feel. On the back of each page is a short text with the often deeply personal story behind the photo as well as information on the photographer and the Polaroid film used. PHOTODARIUM (formerly POLADARIUM) is a carefully curated gem and an eye-catcher for the desk, window-sill, coffee table, rear window shelf, shop display, nightstand … and, of course, makes the perfect Christmas gift for all aficionados of analogue photography!

PHOTODARIUM Classic 2020
The world’s first and only instant-photography-tear-off-calendar
Editors: Lars Harmsen, Raban Ruddigkeit, Oliver Seltmann
Creative Direction: Boris...

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Shop • Between photography and painting – Willem Lund presents conceptional landscape photography in his GoSeeSHOP

25.09.2019 • Rungholt, Horda, Sandene, Gotteskoog, Zenith, Rogaland, Lønstrup, Butippen, Dyn, Fyr, Hosetvatnet, Skagerak, ... the list of picturesque locations where WILLEM LUND has realized his landscape photographs goes on and on. He is not so much interested here in a verbatim reproduction of what is seen but rather in the sensitive exploration of where the art of painting ends and that of photography begins. This journey has taken him preferably to destinations in the nearly untouched landscapes of Scandinavia. But he also finds motifs worth photographing again and again on his own doorstep. We have a first selection for you on GoSee – and many more are available in his wonderful, brand-new GoSeeSHOP.

ABOUT – GOSEE SHOP now offers you the opportunity to buy and sell works in the GoSee Shops of our members – whether photography, illustrations, art, books, … for editorials, campaigns, your office, your store or at home: GO & BUY the artwork of your dreams either as a digital download, print product or even as a fine art print. With each purchase, you support the selling artist and – who...

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : 'Murder' by Guillaume Simoneau (MACK BOOKS) – a personal trip back in time and an homage to Masahisa Fukase's raven observations 'Karasu'

17.09.2019 • Guillaume Simoneau’s photography project 'Murder' was on display this summer as a solo exhibition during the Rencontres d'Arles Festival. Appearing at MACK BOOKS now in book form is the exciting trip back in time, which the publishing company presents you here on GoSee.

“The genesis of Guillaume Simoneau’s new book 'Murder' was in spring of 1982. At around the same time, Masahisa Fukase was producing his post-war masterpiece 'Karasu' (Ravens), Simoneau's family adopted a nest full of baby crows orphaned from a fallen tree. The photographs from this time, taken by Simoneau’s mother, paint an unusual and lyrical vision of childhood. Nearly forty years later, these moments are memorialized in dialogue with Simoneau’s new works, produced in the spring of 2016 and 2017 in Kanazawa, Japan.

This setting, the birthplace of 'Karasu', punctuates the book with a further-reaching interest in tradition and timelessness that looks beyond the scope of these events to the landscape, famous thatched houses, the pine forests, and coastline. The crisp, architectural qualities of the new...

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