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Shop • The 'Arthur Laing Bridge' – Janik Gensheimer's version of the Vancouver tourist attraction now available in his GoSeeSHOP for editorials, campaigns or as an art print

14.08.2018 • Janik Gensheimer, born 1989, is a trained advertising photographer, specialized in architecture, product and landscape photography. Following a three-year photography education at Lette Verein Berlin were several years of work as an assistant in the areas of product, architecture and automotive advertising. His long-years of working as a photo editor in the area of round off his wonderful job profile. At the end of 2016, Janik Gensheimer was drawn back his beautiful home to picturesque Freiburg after a total of seven instructive years in Berlin.

We present you his latest personal work entitled 'Arthur Laing Bridge' in his GoSeeSHOP. The photos were shot at the aforementioned bridge which connects the airport with the city of Vancouver, Canada. "What fascinates me most about it is the monumental architecture and the connection between the airport island and the city as well as the seemingly never-ending, swelling flow of traffic. Thus the idea of presenting the bridge when it is empty. A state that almost never occurs, which gives it a somewhat surreal appearance – particularly...

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Shop • GoSee Tip : The first monograph of Franco-German artist Edouard Baribeaud - a collection of stories and fantastic scenerios

12.08.2018 • HATJE CANTZ is publishing a monograph with works by Franco-German artist Edouard Baribeaud (*1984) which are characterized by his two cultural identities and profound wanderlust. He creates enigmatic interiors and profound portraits, deaply rooted in the European art and cultural history. In his works, he not only unites different styles, but also allows the everyday to meet the mythical. Baribeaud proves that he is a brilliant craftsman and storyteller who draws us into fantastical scenes that fluctuate between East and West.

The son of a French father and a German mother grew up in France and studied in Paris at the École Nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. Since 2010 he has lived in Berlin and traveled the entire world. His travel bug continues to affect his drawings, which recall classic miniature paintings. His view of the foreign has altered his view of the familiar: “I try to incorporate the motifs, stories, and myths I gather on my travels into my works, combining them with scenes and objects from everyday life.”

The young artist has playfully mastered...

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Shop • 'Scenario Italiano' – a photographic essay by Bernhard C. Hartmann, appearing in seltmann+söhne Publishing

25.07.2018 • “One has only to walk the streets and keep one's eyes open to see the most inimitable pictures.” (Goethe in Naples, March, 1787). On various travels from the north to the south down to the tip of the boot, photographer Bernhard C. Hartmann endeavored, as described in the Goethe quote, to capture scenarios of Italian life. Against the backdrop of a turbulent history, the country's cultural importance as well as its social and political contradictions, he roamed the land in search of special moments and constellations. The author only reveals information that is necessary. He wants the viewer to "decrypt" the scenarios all alone by consciously looking at them.

Scenario Italiano is a photographic essay, a book for everyone who have not embarked on their on summer journey yet and appearing on time for the season at publishing company seltmann+söhne. The exhibition accompanying the book is on display from 20 September thru the end of October in Detmold.

Bernhard C. Hartmann 'Scenario Italiano' (seltmann+söhne, 39,00 €, 30 × 24 cm, 128 pages, hardcover, English, German, Italian,...

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Shop • ADOBE STOCK presents #NEWFACE BETTINA GÜBER, media designer plus flower & still life photographer from Krefeld, with a first selection of works for you on GoSee

24.07.2018 • Media designer BETTINA GÜBER from Krefeld discovered photography in 2012 and taught herself the necessary tools of the trade. After Adobe discovered her on Behance and acquired the license for her flower photos, she became one of the first artists in the Adobe Premium Collection. "It felt so surreal to see my photos on Adobe Stock. To this day, it's so exciting for me to fill my portfolio," goes the original statement from Bettina Güber. And flowers as they say always do the trick – so it only follows that there is a huge demand on the market waiting to be satisfied. Bettina Güber adds: "Flowers are always beautiful motifs suitable for a variety of projects, and I think it is important to put unusual flower photos out there. Because the book, CD cover or magazine ad adorned by them should ultimately stick out in the crowd."

At the beginning of 2012, Bettina started her photography career – completely self-taught. "It all began with a 105mm prime lens. In the yard at home. Nobody helped me with it. Only the manual. "Looking through the lens opened completely new worlds for...

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Shop • Gallery Stock now presents Tinker Street * - a fresh lifestyle and travel collection of works by 47 Top influencers in the photography community with 20 million followers

19.07.2018 • "Gallery Stock is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Tinker Street *; a collective of premium artists and influencers within the photography community. Tinker Street* and the artists they represent have a substantial social footprint, with over 20 million followers and counting. Browse the ever-expanding collection of imagery available for immediate license on Gallery Stock."

The Tinker Street * artists work worldwide for clients such as Apple, Converse, Digitas, Ducati, HBO, Google, Hermes, Levi's, Mercedes, Mother London, Ogilvy, Pitchfork, Save The Children, Tiffany & Co, Wieden+Kennedy. * We have several examples here on GoSee, and many more motifs that tell stories and make you dream are available via GALLERY STOCK.

Gallery Stock represents image collections of top photographers in both the fine art and high-end commercial world, seminal photography libraries, and archives of the industry's leading illustrators. Gallery Stock is an image library showcasing collections of award-winning photographers from across the world. Many of these photographers have...

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : New Trends in Japanese Photography by Filippo Maggia, Curator & Director of Fondazione Fotografia, Modena (SKIRA Editore)

19.07.2018 • That Japanese photography is quite trendy at the moment was recently proven by the forth issue of Photo London in the historic halls of Somerset House in May of this year, where it was among the most prominent trends of the trade fair. In fall, SKIRA Editore already published 'New Trends in Japanese Photography' – a wonderfully curated compilation by Filippo Maggia, Director of Fondazione Fotografia, Modena.

Post war times were dominated by street photographers such as Daido Moriyama, Osamu Kanemura and Yakuma Nakahira, who documented daily life in Japan. Later contemporary photographers such as Hiroshi Sugimoto, Nobuyoshi Araki and Hiroshi Masaki joined them. 'New Trends in Japanese Photography' presents the works and biographies of 14 emerging Japanese artists : Maiko Haruki, Naoki Ishikawa, Tomoko Kikuchi, Toshiya Murakoshi, Yurie Nagashima, Sohei Nishino, Koji Onaka, Yuki Onodera, Chino Otsuka, Tomoko Sawada, Lieko Shiga, Risaku Suzuki, Ryoko Suzuki, and Chikako Yamashiro.

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Shop • The beach, pool & waterfall looks of the '18 season for 'LeGer by Lena Gercke' - photographed by SINA GÖRTZ c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER

18.07.2018 • Lena Gercke is launching her fashion label 'LeGer by Lena Gercke'. Heidi Klum's perhaps most successful discovery has been active as a model, presenter, entertainer & socialite, and the German tabloids wouldn't be the same without her. Sina GÖRTZ c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographed the looks for 'LeGer by Lena Gercke' on the designer herself. And this is where you can purchase them quickly to make your summer complete:

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Shop • Pushing pure photography beyond its limitations through photo collage and manipulation to create what the mind sees... Works by visual artist Sanjay Kothari are now available in his GoSee SHOP

11.07.2018 • In 2009, after a good 15 years of working from his New York studio for international clients such as Samsung, Kohler, Ford, Tourneau, Dell or Gillette, photographer and CG artist Sanja Kothari – born and raised in India – decided to take a radical step. An agent from Bejing recommended he work for new clients in Asia. Sanja Kothari packed his things and moved to the other side of the world. Today, he lives and works in Shanghai – the 'more human' metropolis of China.

His gigantic portfolio comprises fashion campaigns just as much as sports illustrations – in which 3D images meet fine art, and conceptional works meet global advertising campaigns. Sanja Kothari is an illusionist whose world is as much a home for seductive robots as it is for Greek goddesses. We are delighted to present you his works in his GoSee SHOP and asked the photography artist for a little update on his status quo.

What are the differences between working in New York City and Shanghai?

In China, creatives from overseas have a lot of freedom and get great support as long as they work abroad. Once you...

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Shop • The book 'Dear Sky' by photographer Arthur Mebius c/o SOLAR & FOTOGRAFEN depicts the odd aerospace activities of North Korea

23.06.2018 • 'Dear Sky' is the title of the beautiful book by Arthur Mebius c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN about the absolutely unusual aviation activities in North Korea. The fleet consisting of Russian aircraft from the 1960s is rarely permitted to leave North Korean aerospace due to international sanctions and environmental restrictions. But these airplanes and their stewardesses and pilots are still ready to take off at any time. Arthur Mebius shares the photographs created in North Korea of this previously unique and hidden world in the aviation universe with the public in this special illustrated book.

About - Dear Sky. Air Koryo (the former Choson Minhang Korean Airways) is the state-owned national airline of the communist Democratic People's Republic of Korea. International sanctions and environmental restrictions have reduced the airline's international destinations with only China and Vladivostok remaining. The older Antonovs, Ilyushins and Tupolevs rarely fly abroad. Nevertheless these aircraft and their crews are kept ready for operation. When photographer Arthur Mebius boards...

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