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Shop • 'Yvonne Most – Memories of the Others', appearing at KEHRER Publishing

11.06.2019 • As the granddaughter of a family from Sudetenland, Yvonne Most pursues her family roots photographically. More than three million Germans from the Sudetenland were driven away from their home countries after WW2 in a Diaspora spreading them all over the world. Yvonne was compelled to find out more about their flight and the fate of her family. In doing so, she discovers connections to collective experiences from traces of memory and historical research. Her photo series opens up a new perspective on the region, a landscape with deep scars, which is constantly evolving.

The challenge was finding a way to combine a hybrid of a documentary photographic narrative with fragments from present day life in terms of content and form. The photographer is interested in the incomplete, the imperfections, and what happens or does not happen on the periphery. The photo series raises questions about the artist’s own biography and enables the viewer to reflect on his or her need for an old and new homeland

About - Yvonne Most (*1981) studied photography at at the Kunsthochschule Halle and...

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Shop • Half Moon Bay – in the footsteps of Annie Leibovitz on the coast of San Francisco, with photos for you in our GoSeeSHOP

06.06.2019 • The beach of Half Moon Bay, located on the west coast of the San Francisco peninsula and approximately 30 minutes outside of the city, is above all a very popular place for parties because it is surrounded on both sides by massive cliffs and there is no direct access point, minimizing the risk of the police stopping by. The only way to get to the beach is a small path which can only by taken by foot. And this is precisely the place where Annie Leibovitz took her first significant photo in 1968: A view of the bay from a half-open car door. Reason enough for a GoSee visit to the magical Half Moon Bay.

Another fun fact : At Maverick's Cliff, an underwater cliff at the north end of Half Moon Bay about 400 m southwest of Pillar Point and 600 m west of the Pillar Point Harbor pier, waves of the Pacific ocean break extremely high due to the special surface of the ocean floor. Following severe storms, the breakers regularly reach heights of 7.5 meters with peaks of up to 25 meters. The Maverick's are known therefore as a big wave spot.

Half Moon Bay is also a popular retreat for...

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Shop • 'What happens when 4 badass female artists, 1 iconic cinematic storyteller, and MVMT meet up under 1 big Hollywood Hills clubhouse? We plot to take over the world.' - the SARAH BAHBAH X MVMT Experience, produced by PRODUCTION LA for you on GoSee

04.06.2019 • Jake Kassan and Kramer Laplante founded their watch label MVMT (pronounced movement) in 2013. They tell us about their start-up: "Tired of big brand markups and the outdated retail model, we set out to create a brand that put online first. One original watch design and a successful crowdfunding campaign got us off the ground. Through social media, our brand and vision grew globally, along with our company.

Today, a small team of creatives and go-getters work at our Los Angeles headquarters to design premium watches, sunglasses and accessories. This is a journey we share with 1.5 million MVMT owners (and counting) across 160+ countries. What started with a watch has become a movement."

On the cooperation with photographer and artist Sarah Bahbah, we read on her website: “This Palestinian, Australian-raised artist has become a global icon; her renowned work champions themes of self-love, female indulgence and empowerment.” – all produced by PRODUCTION LA / PRODUCTION BERLIN. GoSee :

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : 'Vladimir Antaki – The Guardians' – visits newsstands, kiosks and mini-shops from Beirut, Berlin to Bordeaux and Mexico or Venice Beach and Montréal, appearing at KEHRER Publishing

27.05.2019 • Kiosks, newsstands or mini-shops tell you a lot about a place. The shopping experience here is more authentic than in large retail chains due to the people who cherish and care for their very special spaces. For his series of works entitled The Guardians, Vladimir Antaki traveled across Europe, the Middle East and America, photographing shopkeepers or “Guardians”; keepers of what Antaki terms “urban temples”, unique spaces which, in an age of cookie-cutter, corporate shops, hearken back to an earlier time and mode of urban life.

Antaki creates visually arresting portraits of the Guardians in their urban temples that make the viewer connect to the beauty of these often forgotten spaces. Antaki believes that these temples are the heart and soul of every city; they are what gives the urban center its uniqueness in time and place. There is also a duty of memory associated with these spaces because so many of them are closing.

The book published by Kehrer is a collection of portraits and statements by 45 shop owners and craftsmen from Beirut, Berlin, Bordeaux, Istanbul, London,...

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