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Shop • GoSee loves ... 'What Sort Of Life Is This', the book by young Danish photographer Albert Elm, published at The Ice Plant

17.08.2017 • What does the world look like? What feelings does it stimulate? Why do we photograph it so urgently? Since 2009, Danish photographer Albert Elm (born 1990) has pursued his curiosity about human existence with a restless energy and intrepid wanderlust, crossing far-flung time zones, boarding the Trans-Siberian Railway, traveling alone in Dubai, China, India, or just walking through his neighborhood in Copenhagen.

'What Sort of Life Is This' remixes Elm’s distant and local journeys into a bright, bewildering panoply of narrative fragments and surreal compositions that feels both global and personal, fractured yet strangely complete. Photographed using a 35mm film camera (color and black and white) and referencing numerous styles and genres, the work explodes with the spontaneous color and complexity of life—tender, violent, lonely, joyful, bizarre. Equalizing the exotic and the banal, the book treats every picture as if it were made in the same mystifying place: the world itself.

Sparked your interest? Read the wonderful article in British Journal of Photography (July 2017)...

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Shop • Gianluca Galtrucco 'For Your Consideration – Los Angeles as a cinematic mirrage - a Hatje Cantz illustrated book full of sit-com, glamour & kitsch, between reality and artifice

16.08.2017 • Like no other city in the world, Los Angeles encourages the observer to play with illusions. At every street corner one wonders if they are still in ordinary life, have stepped onto a movie set, or have entered a heat-induced mirage. Italian photographer Gianluca Galtrucco, resident of the City of Angels for many years, discovers comedic and dramatic images throughout L.A. and its region that blur the boundary between reality and artifice.

It is not clear in which of his pictures Galtrucco has created dream tableaux and in which he has simply carried existing situations to extremes. Sometimes the titles provide the key; at other times, they only enhance the disorientation. Many of the words and names allude to the world of cinema, underscoring how thoroughly Los Angeles has been shaped by its best known industry – and how many movies shape our view of the city in turn. As much showman as lensman, Galtrucco urges us to suspend disbelief and to trust his imagery. That way, everything can fall into place. Hatje Cantz presents on GoSee a preview between hollywood glamour and...

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Shop • The VIERI Jewelry 2017 campaign by Marco TRUNZ c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL

14.08.2017 • At the end of the 1930s, the grandfather of Guya Merkle, Rudolf Merkle, founded jewelry wholesaler Rudolf Merkle in Pforzheim, the stronghold of the German jewelery industry. Inspired by his Italian wife Eva Gaietta, a relative to the royal house de la Serra, the jewels created by the company increasingly became more and more elegant. When Eddy Merkle suddenly died in 2007, the faith of the company was entirely undecided. His, then 21-year-old, daughter Guya Merkle decided to change the company according to her ideas completely. At the Baselworld 2013, she launched the brand VIERI. Already connecting tradition with the modern age by choosing the new brand name: VIERI was the second name of her father. Since 2015, VIERI is based in Berlin and uses the creative vibe in the city to adjust internationally. The new campaign was phographed by Marco TRUNZ c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL.

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Shop • SWEET PEA Jewelry campaign – photographed by Seb WINTER c/o LILA MANAGEMENT

10.08.2017 • Seb WINTER c/o LILA MANAGEMENT photographed the latest jewelry campaign for wonderful London-based label SWEET PEA Jewelry by designer Siobhan O'Neill. The motifs were styled by Karen Binns, with hair & make-up by Barrie Griffith.

About SWEET PEA Jewelry. Sweet Pea designer Siobhan O'Neill has been making jewelry since the early 1990s. Her special strength is her unique sense of color, and she travels the world searching for the most precious and rare stones. She describes the process of selecting the perfect color combinations to create her distinctive signature pieces as similar to that of weaving different colored yarns together. Her eagle eye hunts out the most unusual colors and cuts, and the quality has to be impeccable...

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Shop • 'Traces', the AMD publication themed upon 'Fashion & Migration' - the spread titled ‘The Wedding Crasher’ by Horst DIEKGERDES c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

06.08.2017 • With creative direction by Mario Lombardo, Traces is the search for the imprint that migration has on Fashion and society. It is an exploration of how fashion with a migration background enriches our society and broadens our perspective on the diversity of humanity. Horst Diekgerdes is ‘The wedding Crasher’ photographed by Horst Diekgerdes, captures the essence of this book perfectly, documenting a universally recognised event regardless of ethnic background.

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Shop • GoSee loves LGBT: San Francisco - The Daniel Nicoletta Photographs presents you true heroes who anaged to change the world for us all – both in drag and not

01.08.2017 • In 1975, the then 20-year-old Nicoletta worked in Milk’s famous camera store in the Castro district, one of the first gay districts in the US at all. Nicoletta's photographs of equally convincing and charismatic human rights activist, Harvey Milk, who became one of the world's first officials to openly express his homosexuality, are probably among his most famous photographs.

Milk dedicated his work to a world with equal rights and that at a time when the growing visibility of the LGBT movement was up against widespread hostility and systematic discrimination. Milk himself was murdered in his office in the City Hall in 1978, only one year after being elected. Despite the tragic death of Harvey Milk and the impending tragedy of the AIDS epidemic, Nicoletta remained faithful to his commitment as an unrelenting documenter of the LGBT movement. The illustrated book documents the chaos on the streets of San Francisco in this pioneer era – which ultimately led to the right to marriage for everyone almost all over Europe, another important step towards the final equality of all...

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Shop • 'Wherever I Go' is the title of the REISENTHEL all-rounder R campaign – styled by Coren POLLOK c/o FAME-AGENCY

31.07.2017 • Whether a carry bag or backpack, the all-rounder R from REISENTHEL can do both. In the 'Wherever I Go' campaign, Kathrin Makowski photographed the chic and practical 2in1 principle. The campaign motifs were designed by Coren POLLOK c/o FAME-AGENCY. Go & See:

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Shop • 'How Germany arose and how Hitler destroyed it' – illustrations for GREVEN Publishing plus WELTWOCHE by Rüdiger TREBELS c/o ART ACT

27.07.2017 • How did Bismarck forge the German Reich? Who is to blame for the First World War? How could Hitler come to power? And what was the reason for the division of Germany? This and many other questions were answered by historian Ludger Grevelhörster – exciting and easy to understand. For GREVEN Publishing Cologne, Rüdiger TREBLS c/o ART ACT illustrated the recently published book 'How Germany Arose and how Hitler destroyed it '.

Based on the knowledge and the learning needs of young people, he explains the events of the time effortlessly and in a narrative tone. He succeeds in making the reader curious about the history and conveying vividly how people thought and felt. Everything is explained here - nothing has to be googled or looked up.

Illustrator Rüdiger Trebels (born 1962) has been living in Düsseldorf since he finished studying visual communication. He works for advertising agencies, magazines, children's and schoolbooks. He has already illustrated Rosas Montag in Cologne for Greven Publishing in Cologne.

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Shop • 'Clever Cooking', star chef Haya Molcho and her Son Nuriel present you in the VILLEROY & BOCH campaign how to do it - direction & photos by Jochen ARNDT c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

19.07.2017 • Jochen ARNDT was in charge of directing and photography for the new campaign of VILLEROY & BOCH. In the main role is the Israeli native with Romanian roots, star chef Haya Molcho, and her son Nuriel. Find out more details on the charismatic Haya, her four sons, her food, her restaurants and NENI concept on her website: or

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Shop • GoSee MUST HAVE : Sanne De Wilde 'The Island of the Colorblind' - the impressive visualization of the world of the color blind, appearing as an illustrated book at Kehrer Publishing

12.07.2017 • What our eyes see clearly is blurred before their eyes until it becomes a diffuse mass. Colors do not exist in their perception, and when others enjoy the sun in the cloudless sky, they retreat to their huts. Normal daylight even blinds the inhabitants of Pingelap so much that they can hardly see anything else. Only the light conditions at night are adequate for those with the sight disorder so that they can go about their lives also outside.

In the late 18th century a catastrophic typhoon swept over Pingelap, a tiny atoll in the Pacific Ocean. One of the survivors, the king, carried the rare achromatopsia-gen that causes complete colorblindness. The king went on to have many children and as time passed by, the hereditary condition affected the isolated community and the islanders started seeing the world in black and white. This phenomenon was first described by neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks.

Portraying the islanders (who by their fellow Micronesians are referred to as blind) and their island resulted in a conceptual selection of images that mask or emphasize the...

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