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Shop • 'Super Extra Natural' Emily SHUR c/o GIANT ARTISTS collects her personal highlights in her book (Kehrer Verlag) from more than 15 travels to different parts of Japan

16.01.2018 • "Everything made sense. Lines, shapes, light, and color fit together like a math equation that added up to what still feels like a supernatural high," American photographer Emily SHUR c/o GIANT ARTISTS tells us about the works in her new book 'Super Extra Natural!'.

The illustrated book is a collection of images made in Japan between 2004 and 2016. What began as a one-time getaway possessing no agenda beyond experiencing something new expanded into a long-term body of work that has resulted in over 15 trips to various parts of the country. However, these images are not a documentation of a place. They are explorations of an unspoken connection; a state of mind that has become its own version of a vacation. Initially, Shur was not exactly sure what kept drawing her back to Japan, but she found a personal feeling of freedom and peace there. Here on GoSee, GIANT ARTISTS presents you a first insight into the book, and more is available at KEHRER VERLAG and more information on the photographer via GIANT ARTISTS in Los Angeles.

Emily Shur has received several awards, and her work...

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Shop • EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents Luo Yang 'Girls' - an intimate take on an insecure and yet extremely cool generation of young Chinese women who defy stereotypes and expectations

20.12.2017 • Luo Yang's girls are eccentric, beautiful and self-confident, while at the same time vulnerable, shy and fragile. They are part of a Chinese subculture hardly taken note of in the West. Young artist Luo Yang – in whom Ai Weiwei sees a rising star of Chinese photography – photographs girlfriends and women of her age in China's booming megalopoles. All of them share a common search for orientation and self-discovery in a culture in which turbo-capitalism, globalization and traditional lifestyles clash.

Luo Yang's intimate, direct portraits shed light on an insecure yet extremely cool generation of women who defy imposed stereotypes and expectations. Instead of open rebellion or provocation, it is about the uncomplicated presentation of uncompromising self-determination and individuality. Luo's photos celebrate a new freedom – while at the same time presenting a critical view of the reality of life for young women in today's China.

Eva Morawietz tells us in her text: "Girls and their adolescent years are a popular subject in contemporary art in order to explore the complexity...

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Shop • GoSee Tip : Today I Feel... The Alphabet of Emotions, a lovingly illustrated children's book by Portuguese illustrator Madalena Moniz, appearing at Swiss MIDAS Publishing

15.12.2017 • 'Today I Feel...' is a nicely illustrated alphabet of emotions. Each page contains a letter which fits a feeling – for instance, G for grumpy, N for nervous or S for strong. The watercolor illustrations by Madalena Moniz follow a child through its entire world of emotions and have a strong emotional presence. Just like in the real world, not all feelings are positive and not all are equally simple, but they are honest and they are worth talking about with a child.

"The idea of creating an alphabet book about feelings came up during my final year at university in Bristol. The challenge was to create a different kind of alphabet book – unlike the usual kind. I developed the book for a university project and gave it the title: ‘Manu is feeling… from A to Z’," the illustrator tells us about her work.

About - Madalena Moniz studied illustration at the School of Creative Arts (University of the West of England) in Bristol, and now works in Lisbon as a communications designer and illustrator. Madalena received a National Illustration Award in 2010, and an Opera Prima Special...

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Shop • GoSeeSHOP Newsletter with wonderful Christmas gifts from Stefan Ruhmke, Anatol de Cap Rouge, Brix & Maas, Alejandra Diaz, Casiegraphics, Janina Fleckhaus, Thomas Mocka, Patrizia Burra, Hunter & Gatti, Susanne Junker, Jessica Backhaus... and must-have 'Coffee is my Religion' by Marc Thirouin

11.12.2017 • This is the penultimate GoSee NEWSLETTER of the year 2017 – just in the nick of time for you to order your Christmas presents on our brand new GoSeeSHOP platform. GoSee.Shop supports photographers and similar artists with a platform to present their unique artwork to editors, agencies and photography aficionados for editorials, campaigns and fine art. GoSee.Shop ensures a smooth transaction from the first purchase request to the acceptance of the purchase by the shop owner.

We are now offering you our editorial highlight
'COFFEE IS MY RELIGION' by photographer Marc THIROUIN c/o COSMOPOLA from his wonderful series 'My Little America'. The print is available in the GoSeeSHOP as a Din A5 fine art c-print with passe-partout, framed for only 30 euros plus 10 euros for shipping. Please notice: In order to purchase artwork, you must have a GoSee Account – to register go here:

More Christmas gifts (just click the individual photographer link to purchase)
are available in the form of photographs by SCREENINGS Award Gold Winner in 2017 STEFAN RUHMKE, Milanese...

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Shop • Jessica Backhaus – A Trilogy. The photo artist demonstrates how much she likes to experiment with visuals in three series - our exclusive Christmas super GoSee offer: Make a gift of a signed book for 40 euros including shipping* !

11.12.2017 • Jessica Backhaus (* 1970) is considered one of the most important representatives of contemporary photography in Germany. She is breaking new ground in photography, incorporating components of mixed media, painting, and collage that expand and deepen these abstractions. In 'A Trilogy' – the seventh photo book by Kehrer Publishing – her works are marked by an obvious joy of experimentation. The photo artist draws her inspiration from the simplicity of everyday things, the inconspicuous, and silence. The new trilogy brings together three series of approximately 40 works each.

The first series, Beyond Blue, is devoted completely to colorful threads, staged against colored backgrounds. The viewer feels compelled to linger in this radical reduction, trying to unravel the entanglement of the seemingly unspectacular with the resulting aura of contemplation

In Shifting Clouds, Backhaus considers and documents this very transition – a reality that lies in between things. The second series shows fragments and visions that are poised on the verge of becoming, caught in limbo:...

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Shop • Cosmopola presents 'My Little America' by photographer Marc Thirouin in the GoSeeSHOP of the agency with two transportation motifs for you as an exclusive GoSee Christmas promotional offer

11.12.2017 • The photos from Paris-based photographer MARC THIROUIN's work titled “My Little America” are reminiscent of a road movie in America of the 50s or 60s. They were taken in Scandinavia between Norway and Sweden since 2009.

Marc Thirouin, who lived in Oslo for quite a while, on his series: "I’ve been living in Norway for many years, and I have always been fascinated by this rockabilly culture. I found a city (or district), and its inhabitants in Norway who follow the rockabilly codes, both in the way they dress or how they decorate their homes, schools, the types of cars they drive… I thus began to contact people in Oslo who are steeped in this culture, and I went to several bars in Grünerløkka to meet these fascinating characters. My first series “Grünerløkka City” was conceived with real rockabilly people, whom I staged with my film lights in order to accentuate the vintage touch. I am currently working on a new series on the same topic."

French photographer Marc Thirouin is represented by Berlin-based agency COSMOPOLA and is no stranger to attentive GoSee readers. In 2012,...

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Shop • GoSeeSHOP – our sales platform for fans of high-quality photography & illustrations kicked off at UPDATE17BERLIN

01.12.2017 • GoSee embarks on daring new adventures: The new GoSee SHOP platform is looking forward to wonderful shop openings as well as to your inquiries. Whether digital, print, editorials, campaigns... for your home, the wife, your crew or dear grandmother... Because artwork only needs one thing : to be seen! We are delighted to present the first GoSee SHOPS of Anatol de Cap Rouge, Stefan Ruhmke, Thomas Mocka, Casiegraphics just to name a few.

Photographer STEFAN RUHMKE, who commutes between Berlin and Sweden, is known for the massive use of color in his beautifully composed photos. We are very delighted to welcome the photo artist on our brand new GoSee SHOP platform and would like to introduce him to you briefly. Stefan was born in 1979 in Malchin, at the time still in the GDR. The BMX fan grew up in Berlin. After graduating from secondary school, he started studying civil engineering and soon switched to the vocational school Lette Verein, where he successfully completed his photography education as a photo designer after three years. He met his wife already during his...

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Shop • 'Fragile Nature' – photographer Janina Fleckhaus opens her GoSeeSHOP with her wonderfully melancholic Vanitas spread – Go & See & Buy !

30.11.2017 • Janina Fleckhaus is a young, very promising German photographer with a new residence in London. During her childhood in the idyllic south of Essen, located in the industrial heart of former West Germany, she already felt drawn to the arts. After graduating from secondary school, she decided to dedicate herself to the medium photography. While studying photography at the university of applied sciences and arts in Dortmund and the Falmouth University in the UK, she developed her very own style, reflecting her fascination with the classic arts.

Janina Fleckhaus first worked in Hamburg before she embarked on a journey to get to know the world. Sydney was definitely one of her favorite destinations and the place where she spent a year before finally moving back to Europe. Since 2016, Janina lives and works as a freelance photographer in London.

Her own words about her beautiful and delicate work: "For my series 'Fragile Nature', I got inspired by still lifes from classical painting. These vanitas paintings deal with the transience of life; what exists here and now may no longer be...

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Shop • Edition Lammerhuber : 'Far Away From Brussels' – Stefan Enders travels the outer borders of the EU and presents intensive black & white portraits and documentary color photography of his very personal take on Europe

28.11.2017 • Stefan Enders is not only a great photographer and professor for photography at Mainz University, he is above all a fervent European citizen. Enders set out to explore his very personal Europe as part of a one-year sabbatical. During his seven-month tour around Europe, he traveled 31,000 kilometers along the external border of 15 European states. The result is an homage to the people of this part of Europe, a poetic and critical analysis – full of sympathy and radiance. The project was published as a book by GoSee member Edition Lammerhuber.

The large-formate photos were presented for the first time at the exhibition of the same name in October, 2017 in Brussels at the European Parliament and were moved to the Mainz City Hall in November, 2017.

“You are asking whether I feel European? I don’t know – I am a Scotsman.” Enders set out to explore his very personal Europe. And he was given answers like this one by Charles Hawkins.

Nobody had the slightest idea how timely this project would be when Enders started out on his journey in March, 2015. As a photographer, he wanted...

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