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Shop • YOU ARE MY FAVORITE TREE - the book that plants trees in Brazil, by photographer Clara NEBELING c/o AK/KRUSE and her creative friends

01.04.2020 • CLARA NEBELING created YOU ARE MY FAVORITE TREE together with her friends – the work of 41 photographers and illustrations from children help to finance planting trees in Brazil. The eco-considerate photo book brings together work from the likes of David Uzochukwu and Hollie Fernando – and, of course, Clara Nebeling.

Clara Nebeling : “Is there a better way to start this year than by gifting trees back to our earth? This project is so special to me because it has been created 100% by the essence of friendship. A few months ago, my good friend @valeriavbrito and I had an idea to plant trees in her hometown in Brazil. We met in highschool when I lived there as an exchange student. She is an agricultural specialist so she has all the skills and contacts for the actual work. And well, I have a lot of creative friends so I thought we could work on something to get this baby financed. Here it is now, our recycled, printed love child made by 41 photographer friends and their favorite tree images, interviews and drawings I did with kids from my former elementary and middle school, and you...

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Shop • GoSee loves... ‘Friendship’ - an illustrated book by Ostkreuz photographers Jörg Brüggemann and Tobias Kruse about a trip to Malaysia - and as a call for health, solidarity, common sense, openheartedness and love!

17.03.2020 • What is friendship? The first interpersonal relationship that we ourselves choose. Jörg Brüggemann and Tobias Kruse ask what kind of a relationship “friendship” is. It it neither familial nor romantic, and yet, it often goes so much deeper. Together, the two photographers have photographed each other and observed friendships in public space. In their new series for the OBSCURA Festival of Photography and this artist’s book, they find emblematic images of closeness and distance, joy and sorrow, love and competition, trust and doubt, giving and taking, strength and weakness, sharing, and separating.

“We want to share a new friend with you. Someone that stays: a friendly companion, a paperback of love and connection, a book about friendship. It took years for Tobias and myself to develop our friendship. It became closer when we started to travel together. One year ago, we travelled to Penang, Malaysia, where we photographed our friendship and friendship in general. Now we are publishing a book with our photographs accompanied by a beautiful text by our friend Dirk Gieselmann,” says...

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Shop • EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents GESAMTKUNSTWERK VIENNA STATE OPERA [BACKSTAGE] book as a gentlemen’s ball gift at the Vienna Opera Ball 2020 with the best-of 10 years – including an exhibition at ROSPHOTO in St.Petersburg

16.03.2020 • The book GESAMTKUNSTWERK presents a collection of favorite photos of Lois Lammerhuber from his 10-year cooperation with the Vienna State Opera under the direction of Dominique Meyer: 100 atmospheric and essayistic images give an account of the passionate and creative work going on backstage, which is normally hidden from the audience of the Vienna State Opera. The photos of the book can also be seen in an exhibition at the photography museum ROSPHOTO in St.Petersburg through 19 April, 2020 – and, of course, safely and at a safe distance online here on GoSee.

Together with Dominique Meyer, Director of the Vienna State Opera, multiple award-winning photographer Lois Lammerhuber have created a book for the Vienna Opera Ball each year – the so-called ‘gentlemen’s ball gift’. Each book was dedicated to a facet of the Vienna State Opera as a complete work of art: PASSION dealt with the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, [E]MOTION with the Vienna State Ballet, GLAMOUR with the costume workshops, ON STAGE with the stagehands, HARMONY with the ensemble of the Vienna State Opera, GENESIS with...

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Shop • GoSee loves ... Santeri Tuori ‘Time Is No Longer Round’ – fascinating nature compositions by Wolkenbergen and tree landscapes (Hatje Cantz publishing)

11.03.2020 • Hatje Cantz publishes with Santeri Tuori ‘Time Is No Longer Round’ a poetic illustrated book which inspires dreaming. And if you take your time, you’ll discover, in the compositions of trees, tangled branches, and clouds, sophisticated montages made up of countless photos arranged side-by-side or on top of one an ther. This results in nearly abstract, fascinatingly complex images of nature; the eye is no longer guided toward a vanishing point, but instead, viewers are granted numerous perspectives, allowing them to discover new phenomena. At the beginning, you look up into the treetops. These are followed by pictures of clouds set at eye level. It comes full circle finally in a series of photographs that looks back to the abstract entanglement of the treetops.

His precise eye for singular photography montages makes SANTERI TUORI (*1970, Espoo, Finland) one of the most famous representatives of the Helsinki School. He studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin as well as at Aalto University in Helsinki. His works are found in prominent exhibitions and collections around the...

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Shop • Photographer Camilla Camaglia with portraits from her book ‘Art Beyond Beauty’ on the PORTRAIT shortlist at the GOSEEAWARDS 2019 - we present you works from her book on GoSee

11.03.2020 • Beauty photographer Camilla Camaglia submitted photos from his book entitled “Art Beyond Beauty” to the GoSee Awards, which were created in cooperation with make-up artist Einat Dan and sponsored by Kryolan. “The book is all about creative beauty looks and so are all the photos in it.” Camilla Camaglia continues : “I was born in 1984 in Italy, raised in different countries and now live and work as freelance photographer between Rome and Berlin. I graduated in 2007 in Photography and Visual Communication at the IED in Rome.”

With this book, Einat Dan and Camilla Camaglia took the challenge to create something visually different, outside of normal beauty stereotypes. Something beyond beauty.

KRYOLAN : “Einat and Camilla have been producing creative imagery together for over seven years. Both have the passion to create beauty images with individual flair while showing another side of beauty. The purpose of this book is to inspire people to think outside of the box. They hope to encourage younger generations of make-up artists and people passionate about expression to push...

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