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GoSee Book Tip : Retracing Our Steps Fukushima Exclusion Zone 2011 – 2016 by Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression – the in-depth documentary on the epic disaster in an illustrated book published by KEHRER

These unusual photos stimulate contemplation about the consequences of an nuclear disaster of this magnitude. What remains of an area where 80,000 inhabitants had to be evacuated from one day to the next? What do former inhabitants think about returning to their ghost towns? For the latest series, titled 'Retracing our Steps', the photographers asked former residents to return to their shops or schools and re-open the doors of their buildings which were once so routine. They were invited to behave like normal in front of the camera – as if nothing had happened. These surreal and yet plausible photos are both a mix of what is normal and strange in the aftermath of a historically significant nuclear incident.

“This photographic work is our contribution to the narrative of a historic disaster. The accident is far from over, both at the power station and among the nuclear refugees. And we hope to continue to testify to this sad but multifaceted chapter in the history of the Fukushima region,” as it says in the introduction by Carlos Ayesta und Guillaume Bression

Carlos Aytesta wurde 1985 was born in Caracas-Venezuela in 1985. Today, he is a freelance photographer specialized in architectural photography. A graduate of the ISAE and IFP School, Guillaume Bression dedicated his work completely to photography after his studies. In 2009, he founded a photography collective with Carlos Ayestafocusing on subjects related to Fukushima. Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression have collaborated on several artistic and documentary projects. Their work has been exhibited in several galleries and festivals.

Half-cloth hardcover 23 x 23 cm, 152 pages, 102 color illustrations, English, French, Japanese, Available ISBN 978-3-86828-738-7 2016