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GoSee book tip : from Niigata to Peru, Vietnam and Los Angeles - on trail of Leipzig photographer Hans-Christian Schink

Civilisation meets nature – a theme that is prevalent in almost all works by Hans-Christian Schink. Telephone wires, which appear in the dense Vietnamese jungle or electric cables, which meander their way through the snowy landscape of Niigata.

Although mankind, inarguably the cause of the intrusion, can never be directly seen in the pictures, the remnants of its actions are ubiquitous. Yet, he does not pass judgment and merely documents the scenes; a distant observer.

The photographer from Leipzig, Hans-Christian Schink (*1961 in Erfurt) is famed for his ‘Verkehrsprojekte Deutsche Einheit’ series (available through the Galerie Rothamel), which was created over the course of seven years and shows street and rail works in the new German states. The photographs are witnesses of humankind’s violent interference in the world of nature.

Hatje Cartz publishes the works parallel to the exhibition at the Neues Museum in Weimar (8th of April to 13th of June 2011). The exhibition’s next stop will be at the Küppersmühle Museum in Duisburg from the 1st of July.

Hans-Christian Schink (Hatje Cantz Verlag)
Interview with the artist by Simone Förster,
2011. 180 pages, 80 colour pictures
32,50 x 28,50 cm
Bound in linen with slipcase
ISBN 978-3-7757-2826-3