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GoSee KIEZ : HAMBURG •  GoSee KIEZ : featuring Double T photographers alias Tina Kehr and Tina Behrens and their Hamburg Hot Spots

Tina Kehr and Tina Behrens have known each other for 13 years, when they were the dream team of artbuying at Scholz & Friends, Neumarkt, Cologne. Thanks to their different competencies they were a perfect match from the start.

Double T photographers has been around for almost two years now and has been a great success since the beginning. The twin Tinas would of course attribute this to the ‘double T-factor’.

Their website gets straight to the point: ‘service with humour and passion. Production, costing management, casting, location scouting, a crocodile on Rodeo Drive....’ We want it all too!

GoSee presents their finest selection from the pearl of Germany’s North. Hamburg.

Restaurant Maral – The Maral has been around for many years. A sushi temple in the midst of Eppendorf. The quality of food and the restaurant has by no means lessened over the years. Quite the contrary. This is why it is essential to make a reservation and to also know how to use a pair of chopsticks properly. We know the menu off by heart these days. Maybe not in Japanese, but in much anticipation of the delicacies that will follow afterwards. The outside terrace is open in the summer. The only fault we can find is the limited transport links and the slippery flooring.
Maral - Grosse Bleichen 21 - 20345 Hamburg

Coast by East
– Coast is located, totally on trend, in the heart of Hamburg Harbour City. A spin-off of the legendary East (restaurant, bar, club), it was only recently opened and you can still smell the scent of fresh packaging. It’s not much of an issue though as the excellently prepared long drinks quickly get our olfactory senses going. We like to celebrate the end of a hard days work with a drink on balmy summer nights in the shade of the mighty Marco-Polo-Towers (one of the most expensive rental areas in Germany). If it is a longer night with clients and guests then we usually head to ‘Sansibar Wine’ on the floor underneath.
Coast by East - Großer Grasbrook 14, 20457 Hamburg

– ‘The World’s Finest Chocolates.’ Is the slogan of the shop that makes the hearts of chocoholics skip a beat. It is an ideal place to visit when one is in need of a cheer-up and something sweet and is located at Hegestraße 33. The shop is run by Berit & Olli. Olli sits in the living room style sales room and his girlfriend Berit, a former stylist tends the backroom where she creates many of the yummy chocolates herself.

The shop features great design with clear lines, teak accents and a touch of retro. It is a great place to visit if you are in need of a gift that has been made and packaged with love. Our all-time favourite is the ‘fish head’ chocolate, a dream in milk chocolate with roasted cocoa granules and a pinch of sea salt. Wine and chocolate seminars and in-house praline courses are in keeping with the business concept.
Schokovida - Hegestraße 33, 20249 Hamburg

Isemarkt - Hamburg has the longest. The longest market in Europe that is. On Tuesdays and Fridays two hundred stalls offer their high quality goods for sale underneath the highline in the heart of Eppendorf. The national and international delicacies include spices, flowers, soaps, olives, fish, meat, fresh noodles and household goods. The early morning atmosphere when market dealers are busy preparing and decorating their stalls for the day.

We have an everyday ritual where we prepare for the day with fresh fruit. But we don’t just stock up on healthy food, our brains also require some naughty treats. The Pingel sweets stand always tempts us and the other people that eagerly queue up for a sugary delight. Good to know: when the stalls pack up for the day several dealers offer their goods at half price.
Wochenmarkt - Isestraße 20149 Hamburg-Hoheluft

Glassgo – On Eppendorfer Weg, just round the corner from our agency, lies a wonderful little eyewear store. The uncomplicated staff often – but not too often, mind you – assist us in the choice of a new trendy pair of sunglasses. The selection covers a good stylish range, with brands including Tom Ford and Chanel.
Glassgo - Eppendorfer Weg 259, 20251 Hamburg

Party : Club du Nord - this nightclub is located in the middle of the trendy Winterhude am Mühlenkamp district, which presents itself very successfully in stylish ambience and excitingly darkened atmosphere. The popularity of this centrally located club has not faded one bit since it opened two years ago. It quickly became apparent that this is serious competition for the established hip venues on the Reeperbahn. Our secret tip: on Thursdays disco boy and ex-Springer&Jacoby writer Gordon Hollenga personally spins records for the crowd.
Club Du Nord - Winterhude - Mühlenkamp 43-45 - 20303 Hamburg

Hotel & roof terrace ‘The George’
– the ‘360° bar’ on the rooftop of this exclusive hotel is especially vibrant and a favourite in insider circles. The view is really unbeatable. As the name suggests, you can easily take a 360-degree – almost owl-like - look around the area. We recommend a chilled Martini, even though the more knowledgeable guests next to us usually choose from the large and finely selected list of single malt whiskey.
The George Hotel - Barcastraße 3 - 22087 Hamburg

Bar ‘Luba Luft’ – a special bar is located in the Altona quarter, St. Pauli, near the Reeperbahn. More specifically ‘Am Brunnenhof 2-4’. Cool drinks are served in a cosy and stylish atmosphere and the interior is very inspiring. Our guilty pleasure after a successful production is the ‘Moscow Mule’ (vodka, ginger beer, lime juice). Easily the best in the city and our absolute favourite. Only slightly beating a classic gin tonic ;-)
Luba Luft - Am Brunnenhof 2 - 22767 Hamburg

Hotel & Art ‘Das kleine Schwarze’ (the little black one)
– this small, arty hotel only recently opened its doors in the midst of Eimsbüttel. The rooms are adorned with unusually impressing photographic prints and it will be very difficult to get bored inside them. Occasional bursts of colour on the walls make the house with a dark touch feel happy and comfortable. With a lot of attention to detail, the owners (creative industry) achieved a balance of a visually stimulating little hotel with very moderate prices. A highlight for us is of course a visit to one of the many private views.
Das kleine Schwarze - Tornquiststr. 25 - 20259 Hamburg