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GoSee loves ... Planet Lovigin by Petr Lovigin : a bizarre fairy-tale-like road trip through Russia and the Caucasus. Published by Kehrer and on show at Clair Gallery, Munich

'Elderly bathing beauties fighting a fierce battle with blow-up rubber critters; a butcher and freshly butchered pig indulge in melancholia in perfect harmony – welcome to the magical world of Russian photographer Petr Lovigin – bold, dreamy and with a slight hint of wanderlust.'

The photographer takes us on a fairy tale-esque road trip through his Russian homeland and the Caucasus. More often than not, the pictures feature handwritten commentary by the artist and are embellished with ornaments.

Lovigin travels the world with an ironic eye firmly set on both people and things, exaggerates many clichés but still retains his sympathetic disposition towards his subjects. The artist tends to describe his own work as 'Soul Kitchen', photography with soul being the major ingredient.

Petr Lovigin (*1981) studied architecture before discovering photography as his true calling. His Internet-blog lovigin.livejournal.com features photographs, videos and texts from his journeys to all corners of the world and is followed by thousands of young Russians. His works have frequently been exhibited since 2006. Some recent stops include Museum of Photography Thessaloniki, the Fotobiennale Moskau, the Istanbul Modern Art Museum and at Passage de Retz in Paris.

The °Clair in Munich is showing his works in tandem with the release.

Galerie °Clair, Munich
8 May 2012 – 7 July 2012

24 x 22 cm, 112 Pages
53 colour pictures
ISBN 978-3-86828-287-0
35 Euro